WTC South Tower Collapse/Demolition Video Collection

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** Newest additions are Univision, DSNY, P. Heaphy, G. Samoilova's gift, Tragedies, and Guy van Grinsven **


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ABC NewsCopter7   YouTube 1 & 2.


ABC South Tower collapse

"Don Dahler. I'm four blocks north of the World Trade Center. The second building that was hit by the plane has just completely collapsed. The entire building has just collapsed, as if a demolition team set off--when you see the old demolitions of these old buildings. It folded down on itself, and it's not there any more."

The transcript of ABC's Don Dahler and anchor Peter Jennings is fascinating. Watch the ABC broadcast in full. Dahler proceeds to specifically retract his statement, as if prompted. A related retraction: expert Van Romero.

UPDATE Oct. 2010: Quality raw video comes from the NIST Cumulus Video Database. NOTE: All entries on this webpage that are included in the NIST database (as released by FOIA) will have the corresponding Cumulus [or other FOIA release] file(s) named at the bottom of the entry (copied and pasted, often without the .avi file extension). More detailed info - and more footage - is now available at my NIST FOIA webpage.

NewsCopter7 hovered more than 5 miles from the scene, as other choppers had been advised to do. Hear John DelGiorno report the 5 mile limitation (on NY local WABC) at about 9:18 a.m., 10 minutes after arriving at the scene. Paul Smith (R.I.P.) of Helicopters Inc. piloted the aircraft. See MORE on Chopper7 now, regarding the 2nd plane impact video.

Less than a minute before the "collapse," molten metal poured from the NE corner of the 80th floor of WTC 2, below the starboard engine's exit hole from "UA Flight 175." Was this really aluminum from the plane and office furniture, or was it structural steel melted by silent incendiaries like thermite?

Point of perspective: 40.798607,-73.976269 - "Over the point where W 99th St would meet the Hudson River, if it went through. 6.25 miles to the WTC, 14.0 miles to the Western Verrazano-Narrows Bridge pillar." (Thanks, YougeneDebs)

Raw NIST Cumulus file: ABC Dub1 26


CBS2 (WCBS) Chopper2  YouTube 1 & 2


Chopper2 WTC 2 Collapse

Chopper2 was piloted by Ed Baker, with Jim Smith reporting. Hear the names mentioned during the WCBS NY broadcast at 9:10. WCBS (channel 2) reporter Joe Biermann was also aboard, according to one source. Choppers were advised to stay 5 miles away from the WTC after the 2nd plane hit (see ABC above, also WCBS at 9:11 a.m.). Still this is one of the best views of the event.

On LIVE TV the Washington D.C. CBS affiliate (as seen in the 9/11 TV archive at was concentrating on the attack on the Pentagon (as was BBC World). The South Tower disappeared off camera. Also, the national CBS network coverage missed the event, but while replaying the 2nd plane impact (and a minute earlier, a secondary explosion at the Pentagon). The CBS News studios' GM Building camera view of this event is not available, as it is for WTC1 and 7. Chopper2's footage was the first aired on CBS national news, 5 full minutes after the event. The WB11 (WPIX) network aired the Chopper2 shot LIVE (the 2nd half), as did FOX News (the first half in a small split window).

Features: Rare angle of the south side (see also Paul Berriff) highlights the simultaneous darting flame on the North Tower, where that collapse initiation would start only a half hour later. Also, the early upper South Tower west face damage Femr2 has focused on as spurious. After the main "collapse," the smoke/dust is translucent, allowing a view of the building core crumbling straight down.

Raw NIST Cumulus file: WCBS Dub4 17

ABOUT THIS LIST: For the most part, only views showing the tower descending for at least a second will be listed. (UPDATE 2019: A new one cuts it close: "Gulnara Samoilova's gift" footage (source) shot by somebody else. Added below. Another example, the WB11 (WPIX) Metrocam view listed under Network Views/Replays was seen LIVE on ABC7, but it's not listed under LIVE angles because the camera view changed to NewsCopter7 after less than one second of the "collapse" initiation. This will also eliminate, for example, the Bob and Bri video (found on my 2nd hit explosion only webpage/list) despite the video clip starting in the final second of collapse, and capturing instead the first WTC dust cloud.


NBC View 1: Chopper4  YouTube 1 & 2


From 5 miles away (and in close proximity to ABC NewsCopter7), Chopper4 just finished its zoom out as the "collapse" began. To this day the pilot remains unknown. Onboard reporter April Amonica, was given little airtime. Hear April report the 5 mile restriction ten minutes after the 2nd plane impact, on the local WNBC network. Nationally, a longer version was replayed a minute afterward so Matt Lauer and Katie Couric could see for themselves in the "Today Show" studio. The distant, wobbly, yellow-tinted shot was replayed little afterward. "Ghosting" in the shot further reduced the quality, with mirrored corners of the towers.

NBC brought us the most angles of any network. Their local "SkyCam" network probably caught more than we've seen, too. See this image for example-- an angle without a matching video on record (no 2nd plane video, either). See also 4 , 19, and 20 below (and others).

On March 8, 1996, WNBC unveiled the first-of-its-kind Skycam Network consisting of high resolution, remote controlled cameras perched at key points of interest across the Tri-State area. The Skycam Network is in operation 24 hours a day and features 24 cameras. The state-of-the-art Skycam Network is an investment in WNBC's overall coverage of the Tri-State area and is used in all local newscasts. Since its debut, the station has used the Skycam Network to highlight traffic situations; check on Newark, LaGuardia and Kennedy airports; present live pictures of developing weather situations; and, capture breaking news stories.... -

Raw NIST Cumulus file: WNBC Dub6 15


NBC View 2: GE Building  YouTube 1 & 2


The live picture fades mid-collapse from Chopper4 to this camera on top of the 70-story GE Building at 30 Rockefeller Center, a location which became an observation deck/tourist attraction - "Top of the Rock" - in 2005. The building is home to most of NBC's New York studios.

Notice the skewed, leaning view. Hear anchor Matt Lauer be prompted to say the towers WERE leaning. At 9:07 am! (The camera was crooked all day. It captured the WTC 7 demolition attributed to CBS by NIST.)

A third LIVE NBC camera broadcasts from a building NE of the WTC, but only as the dust cloud begins to rise. A full length replay airs 7 minutes after the event. (See non-LIVE views below, NBC Woolworth view.)

Raw NIST Cumulus files: WNBC Dub10 03 (YT link 1 above) and WNBC Dub5 106, partial as seen live.


NBC4 NY & MSNBC: Walter Perez  YouTube

MSNBC WTC2 collapse

UPDATE 2019: Thanks Mr. Koenig for the tip that "according to Jeff Scarborough’s book September's Camera (2007), Scarborough himself was the shooter (pp. 42 & 44)."

Walter Perez of WNBC interviews a woman who evacuated the North Tower-- which obscures the view. Notice the audio from this broadcast in the background of an amateur video -- Antonio Rosario.

An MSNBC version comes from a rare VHS upload to YouTube.

A raw Cumulus file isn't available, only the files NBC_Broadcast_8-45A (in folder by same name) and NBC_News Dub from Jim Remberg\NBC News Dub_clip16A. However, a high quality release 25 file is found in folder 42A0126 - G25D38 at vrt 0:35 (a folder containing an important, rare clip from MSNBC of the WTC7 collapse in extended length with Ashleigh Banfield's report of what she thought was "another explosion.")


New York 1 (NY1)  YouTube 1 & 2

NY1 - WTC 2

UPDATE 2011: Footage aired for the 10th anniversary with interviews of the reporters and camera crews. One version comes from the "Dr. Ebbetts" DVD "September 11, 2001 - As It Happened - A Composite." (Download WTC2 avi.) Note there are at least two other New York 1 views not aired live: 1. from the Empire State Building and 2. from West Side Hwy./West St. In the live shot as the collapse ensued, nearby Kristen Shaughnessy of NY1 said from her telephone, "it's exploding." The cameraman is unknown, but NY1 crew in the area included John Schiumo (heard at 9:21 am say "here in Battery Park City" - nearby), Wiener Milien (named with a caption in HBO's "In Memoriam: New York City 9/11/01 - not nearby), Yogi Colon (seen narrating his collapse aftermath footage in the studio at 2:04 pm) ....

It seems the camera shakes slightly a few seconds before the collapse, as if there were an explosion underground prior to "collapse." Of course, we can't see the camera. It may be on the cameraman's shoulder, or it may have been bumped. A similar issue has been debated with a famous WTC 1 collapse video by E. Sauret.

No NIST FOIA file has been found.


WB11 Chopper Air11 (WPIX-TV)  YouTube

Chopper11 LIVE

The helicopter crew included pilot Ray Rivera, reporter Melinda Murphy (won an Emmy for breaking news 9/11), camera operator Chet Wilson, and Brenda Banon training. (Commentary during the LIVE event is not Melinda.) The LIVE WB11 footage features shots from both Chopper 11 - aka "Air11" from NW - and WCBS Chopper2 from South. The WB11 Empire State Building camera also captured the action, but only broadcast LIVE for a moment-- as the dust cloud rose. Nevermind that WB11 left up their LIVE banner during a replay later, as seen here on CNN at 4:05 pm. Speaking of replays, see one of the Air11 LIVE shot on CNN at 4:23 pm.

Disinformation mis-using this video has spread thanks to Dave VonKleist's "9/11: In Plane Site" (see criticism) and Jack White's 9/11 Studies webpage. As shown on CNN, the clip is made out by inept (or "cointelpro") conspiracy theorists to capture some big plume of suspicious smoke BEFORE the WTC 2 collapse.

Raw NIST Cumulus file: WPIX Dub1 72 (only the initiation aired LIVE before fading to WCBS Chopper2)


WNYW FOX5 Dick Oliver  Youtube


Left on the split screen is the Chopper5 footage, which missed the event (for the most part). On the right, however, veteran reporter Dick Oliver and his cameraman were set up in front of the car wash at 124 Ave of the Americas. They had been first to report the attacks; and even recorded the first plane hitting (audio only). They also captured the North Tower's demise from this location.

As the "collapse" occurs, senior anchor Jim Ryan in the studio told us "We had a report indicating that - uh - that there was an explosion on the lower floors." The source of this is unknown, but others have verified the event at street level as the destruction began (See some "collapse" witnesses. CBS's Carol Marin described her experience in close proximity. Better, Ron DiFrancesco told of ground level fireballs as the WTC 2 "collapse" began. He knew they were real because they burned most of his body as he escaped. Ron also appeared in the 2002 doc "A Tale of Two Towers," sepecifically part 8 at 4:15.

NIST Cumulus files come from the TV broadcast: WNYW_Broadcast\WNYW 2Clip10L and WNYW 2Clip10R (last 2 clips in folder, each cut short)


- numbered and individually linked for convenience -


ABC7 (WABC) Reporter N.J. Burkett  YouTube 1, 2, & 3

image - WTC South Tower

A unique look at the explosions on the north side, far below the collapse front, just as they begin (see also WNYW Jack Taliercio, Alfie Alvarado, Paul Berriff, and NY1 Empire State cam). Read camera operator Marty Glembotzky's account in Running Toward Danger: Stories Behind the Breaking News of 9/11, by The Newseum with Cathy Trost and Alicia C. Shepard (Rowman & Littlefield, 2002, p. 113 - quote below). It seems he mixes together the two collapse events in his mind. Because the North Tower was reportedly leaning. And as the South Tower began crumbling, Burkett said "we had better get out of the way."

"People started running. We heard someone say that the tower was leaning. (WABC-TV reporter N.J. Burkett) yelled, 'This is our story! Start rolling!' I am walking backward. Then he said we had better get out of the way. It was a judgment call on my part. I tilted up, and held for as long as I felt safe. Then I ran for my life."

This is perhaps the closest view of the event. So, it's a short view! (See also TV view Jack Taliercio and non-TV Paul Berriff.) Aired 9/11 evening on ABC nationwide. Also, see Burkett's report on

Raw NIST FOIA: WABC Dub1 87, and release 25 has good versions in mpeg2 (VOB), in folder 42A0105 - G25D15 at 36:34 and 42A0108 - G25D18 at 24:50 (see in HD slow motion, levels enhanced).


CBS2 Blue Angle (WCBS)  YouTube 1 & 2, & 3.

WCBS South Tower collapse

First aired 2 minutes after the event on New York channel 2. While later replaying the footage, they (WCBS) reported: "3rd blast brought down tower." A 16-million dollar investigation by the NIST (part of the U.S. Commerce Dept.) argued otherwise, while failing to explain the ground level blast. (See Fireball at Street Level, below.)

This view was also a LIVE CBS News 2nd plane impact video perspective. It aired on CBS2 NY several times, but not much on the national network. (See the CBS TV archive.) For a while the clip was on the website (now a dead link).

Strangely, two other CBS cameras missed the collapse: the CBS camera on the Trump International Hotel & Tower at 1 Central Park West near the CBS Broadcast Center (at 530 W 57th St) -- which is the 1st view seen as CBS fades in from Pentagon coverage -- AND the camera on the General Motors Building, aka FAO Schwartz, E 58th St at Madison Ave. That's the one with the Empire State Building in the shot on the right. DID these two cameras record the event?

NIST Cumulus files: WCBS Dub2_27 (banner graphic blocks final seconds), CBS_Broadcast_8-45A\CBS2_clip11 (and clip15 - all cut short by news banner), and FOX and CBS clips - Selected events\Selected events clips_10 (and 11)


CNN 5 Penn Plaza Wide Shot  YouTube

CNN South Tower collapse

First aired by CNN at 10:10 a.m and replayed partly at 10:19, for a rare example.

CNN had their camera at 5 Penn Plaza (their New York headquarters) up and running early that morning. See a still from 8:00 am on CNNfn (taken from this news compilation from the Ebbetts DVD "September 11, 2001 - As It Happened - A Composite").

As the footage plays, anchor Aaron Brown says, "It almost looks like one of those planned implosions." How true. Of course, what else would it look like?

NIST Cumulus file: WPIX Dub5 20


CNN Roof Cam (LIVE Missed)  Youtube 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5

Rare CNN

Aired 9/12 at 4:00 am. Only the end portion aired LIVE when coverage cut from D.C. to New York in the last moments, as the cloud rose. That was replayed many times. CNN had a few cameras atop their building at 5 Penn Plaza. However, this footage is rare. It is on the CNN ImageSource website (search for 'wtc collapse' and find WTC/1ST TOWER COLLAPSE - CNN ID:91039391), but watermarked terribly (link 4 above). See it in a compilation by Xenomorph911WTC, who used screengrab software before the watermark was implemented at ImageSource. Find the clip with a download link at Xenomorph911's LiveVideo page. (in HD at link 4 above)

Oddly on the ImageSource site (and on 2 FOX airings) it says, "Source:WABC." That, I believe, is wrong. It was shot from the same perspective as the CNN 9:13 am replay of the 2nd plane impact - explosion only, and of course the camera was positioned on CNN's building!


In documentaries, I've only found the clip once in German, which is still incomplete. An intensive search of the TV archive has returned few airings. That is not to say a conspiracy is involved in this particular bit of footage. There was a lot of video shot that day. Some landed on the cutting room floor, so to speak. But THIS?

The NIST Cumulus folder "CNN NIST Dub #17 - RoofCam" contains much of this footage, but up to just before the "collapse." For that, find clip "CNN Dub5 08.avi" -- watch at link 5 above. See also release 10, CNN folder, file ending 25 for a longer version.


CNN's Brian Kiederling  YouTube 1 & 2.

CNN Kiederling

UPDATE 2019: See a piece of Flight 175 fuselage hanging from the outside of the impact zone (at about 13:34 in the video here). UPDATE 2018: Find Luigi on Vimeo here./end Compare to amateur Alfie Alvarado's shot-- also Luigi Cazzaniga. This camera is about 120 feet closer.

Apparently the actual "collapse" part of the video wasn't worthy of appearing in the "CNN Tribute: America Remembers" (2002) -- where the videographer was identified while narrating his dust cloud scene. See that sequence here -- (after a different video of the actual "collapse") -- footage begins as the dust cloud rises. The actual "collapse" footage is in "Why the Towers Fell" (PBS, 2002). A longer version must be available somewhere. A search of the CNN files finds nothing among the other shots.

NIST Cumulus file: See link 4 above, from folder "CNN NIST Dub #18 - Kiederling." -- download flash video file here. - UPDATE: Release 10, file WTCI-329-I-#18.wmv has an hour long tape from Kiederling (much of it repeating itself). See vrt 18:58.


CNN's Tom Muccio from East  YouTube 1 and 2.

CNN Tribute unknown

CNN videographer named during an airing 9/12 at 1:07 am, when Tom told the story of his day during his footage broadcast. His report begins with the "collapse," shot from the South Street Viaduct (the people in his video are standing by 45 Peck Slip below to his right. Thanks, YougeneDebs for the location!) Tom also taped a police officer guarding a small numbered plane part found on a car near Trinity Church.

See the "CNN Tribute: America Remembers" (2002) DVD, for a high quality version of Tom's footage (also briefly in HBO's "In Memoriam: New York City 9-11-01" and PBS's "Building Big: Skyscrapers" [link 2 above]) CNN videographers also included Rose Arce (a producer -- watch her report -- [in different form here]) and Phil Hirschkorn (a producer -- see his 1 minute clip). Another airing of the Muccio footage: CNN 9/11 at 9:15 pm.

Raw NIST Cumulus file: CNN Dub5 10 (watch link 4 above) - UPDATE: Release 10, file WTCI-329-I-#19.wmv (available at has an hour-long version, much of it a repeat of itself. See vrt 13:05.


FNN Japan  YouTube 1, 2, & 3

FNN Japan

A professional camera operator and female reporter with a microphone may not have been employed by FNN, but their shot was exclusive to the Japanese network. The YouTube link 1 above comes from a Japanese news excerpts collection made available by Nathan Flach (seen at link 3 above). Incidentally, this video is the subject of a study in Danish at


FOX News, Don Callopy Field Tape 8  YouTube 1 & 2

Callopy South Tower collapse

Added July 2014: No 2001 TV air time has been recorded yet as far as I know (link 2 above is 2009 air date). It probably aired in September 2001 and I haven't noticed (?) but you can look through the FOX TV archive if you like. Don Callopy Field Tape Clip 8 of 26 at is listed as copyright FOX News. Side note, FOX-related: Rick Levanthal was not on West St. where this camera was. It was not his camera crew. (A minute after the event, he can be seen interviewing a cop near the Church and Murray St. engine, asking if it was an explosion or a building collapse. The cop says explosion. Then collapse.)

Also for Fox: "Producers Carlos Van Meek, Kendall Gastelu, Ian Rafferty, Anne Woolsey and Katie Sargent teamed with shooters like Pat Butler, Don Collopy [sic], Scott Wilder and Mike Fagan to ensure viewers saw the devastation in all its ghastly reality." (, Remembering 2001)


FOX News, Don Callopy Field Tape 18  YouTube 1 & 2

Callopy South Tower collapse

Aired on FOX News 9/11/09 as part of a program called 9/11: Timeline of Terror (and probably in 2001 some time or another). Don Callopy Field Tape Clip 18 of 26 at, where it is listed as copyright FOX News.

Remember ITNSource has the title "Don Callopy Field Tape part 1" for numerous clips, 26 total. I haven't joined or ID'd all of them yet.


Inside Edition: Matt Meagher  YouTube 1 & 2

WTC2 collapse

This rare news clip from YouTube (clip 1 above) is worth watching just to see yet another witness to the explosions in the lower levels just before the first plane hit. Link 2 above only shows the collapse footage... (thanks 911allcausticcamera) apparently only aired in full on 9/11. One year later an anniversary special showed part of the footage, starting when the dust cloud billowed up behind the Winter Garden. Find that in International_Center_for_911_Studies_NIST_FOIA\Release_28\Release 28\42A0282 - G27D6\VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_1.VOB


ITNSource 9/11 Clip 71 of 82 (partial)  YouTube

WTC2 partial

Rare video, incomplete in high quality. Update 2014: Nate combined several partial versions from Discovery Channel's, "Inside The Twin Towers," National Geographic's, "Growing Up At Ground Zero" and others, including a forgotton 2007 Odisseia doc. This listing moved from non-TV section when the new 9/11 TV archive presented Sept. 14 Greek TV Antenna 1 at 12:30 am EDT. Found as stock footage, the last seconds of a rare collapse clip, unknown and unavailable in full length apparently— at the September 11th footage collection.

NIST FOIA file: A&E Investigative Reports\A&E IR2 clip41 (watch) (from the documentary "Anatomy of September 11th" - 2002)


NBC River Shot West  YouTube 1 & 2

WTC2 collapse MSNBC

Offers a unique view - however distant - of the east side bottom floors exploding at the end of collapse. Watch zoomed in.

One version comes from a rare VHS tape posted on YouTube. This wide "harbor shot" does a good job describing the scope of the day's events, especially as the dust envelops Manhattan.

Raw NIST Cumulus file: WNBC Dub9_11 and WNBC Dub3_14. See also release 25, 42A0096 - G25D6 (YT link 1 above... also WTC 1 collapse from this angle).


NBC View 3, with Woolworth Building  YouTube 1 & 2.

NBC WTC2 collapse

UPDATE June 2013: Text in several versions with SMPTE color bars seem to name the camera "Waterfront NY NCC." New NIST FOIA materials include a(nother) high quality DVD VOB version, folder name "NIST_FOIA_12-044_NIST_WTC_Investigation_340-WTCI-382-I_video_ID_151.iso_mount."

WNBC had many cameras as part of their innovative "Skycam" network, but this was the third seen LIVE on NBC4 Washington, the familiar 9/11 TV archive. As highlighted in this closeup zoomed version, a detonation/ejection occured several floors above the crush point/initiation level of the 81st floor NE corner, causing a destructive kink like that of the SE corner at the 106th floor. Only with the one on the NE corner, there was a visible explosion. See also amateurs A. Rosario from Brooklyn and Onno de Jong (the latter being a very similar view).

Some archive airings: 10:06 am, 10:10, ... 9/12 at 11:25 am, 9/12 at 11:33 am....

UPDATE: NIST FOIA release 25 has the best quality version (see links 2 and 3 above) in mpeg-2. Raw NIST Cumulus file: WNBC Dub1 13 -- also WNBC Dub4A 22, which is less clear, and from high quality news broadcasts: NBC Atlanta1 29 and NBC Atlanta2 72


NBC Producer Christian Martin  YouTube 1, or stabilized

Christian Martin South Tower

Martin purchased a camera from a pedestrian. He barely escaped with his life. Thanks to his bravery we have a rare look at the south wall of the tower, and the debris falling to the street below. He was a producer for Dateline at the network.

Aired at 7:13 pm on 9/11. Martin tells his story. See it in extended form at the MSNBC website or even more extended at the TV archive, 9/12 at 3:56 am. Aired without audio also at 4:38 pm on 9/11...

Raw NIST Cumulus file: WNBC Dub3_13 (watch with previous clip). Also see NBC Atlanta3 38 and 39-41 for Martin's account. UPDATE: See also release 25, folder 42A0128 - G25D40 at 29:45 for an early interview with Christian... including his footage. After the first viewing, however, the picture becomes pixelated, degraded. Watch in HD slow motion, stabilized. Or see it for a moment in the "New York: Center of the World" South Tower montage.


NBC Producer Shachar Bar-on  YouTube 1, 2, & 3

WTC South wall

Bar-on's footage aired on 9/11 at 8:20 pm, with the videographer's narration (about an hour after co-worker Martin narrated his footage - see above). A more complete version aired at 9:20 pm, and several times afterward. See and hear Bar-on's story of the 2nd plane hit on MSNBC's website. The short online video uses Martin's South Tower "collapse" footage instead of Bar-on's.

Both NBC producers' South Tower clips were featured in the 2008 BBC hit piece "The Conspiracy Files - 9/11: The Third Tower."

Raw NIST Cumulus file: WNBC Dub3_6. See also release 25, 42A0113 - G25D23 at vrt 3:01. Both versions start after initiation audio (heard in YT link 1 above). Watch in HD.


NBC Reporter Anne Thompson  YouTube 1 & 2.

WTC2 partial

UPDATE: Photographer Scott St. John named at the NIST WTC Repository at Shot from Barclay St. (Thanks, TheMKMonarch.)

The destruction and death is seen behind a Christian cross, from the same location of a famous photograph by James Nachtwey. Anne's full report can be seen in the archive, 9/11 at 7:05 pm. (Perhaps she was separated from the cameraman. She places herself at 195 Broadway. I cannot find the cross in Google Maps now 10 years later.)

Raw NIST Cumulus file: WNBC Dub7 05.avi (YT link 2 above). Also release 25 folder 42A0094 - G25D4 has extended raw footage including the interview with 2nd plane witness Tony Arrigo. Also find the raw tape here on (Click Continue to agree to terms. Then re-click link)


News 12 Long Island (NEW 2014) YouTube

WTC2 partial

Initiation missed. This looks like the CBS Chopper2 angle. Maybe that's why it's new to this list Dec. 2014 long after the release of its only known source material: in the indy 2002 documentary "Brothers on Holy Ground" at vrt 14:30. News 12 is credited for [what must be] this footage at the end of the documentary film. The clip is not found at the NIST WTC Repository at (or at - where we glimpse the only NIST bits from this chopper (see image), all shot some time after the two towers had collapsed. NIST named the tape WNYW by mistake. (Thanks for this tip, MrKoenig.)

Remember Chopper 12 caught the 2nd plane hit from farther than any known camera.

No NIST FOIA version.


NHK Japan (NEW 2011)  YouTube


Added here August 2014. Found only on Japanese TV at the new (2011) TV archive Sept. 12 at 1:54 p.m. and Sept. 13 at 10:30 a.m.. Thanks All911rec for sharing a link on YouTube. Strange it wasn't replayed instantly on 9/11, after the Pentagon report that prevented the WTC 2 collapse broadcasting LIVE.

NHK also had an exclusive angle on the 2nd "collapse," but not elevated or static like this one. (No NIST FOIA file)


NY1 Empire State Building  YouTube


UPDATE 2014: Found in the 2002 indy documentary "Brothers on Holy Ground" at vrt 14:20, although not added to this list until 2011. UPDATE March 2012: Found in the new TV archive Sept. 16 on ABC at 11:36 pm. A televised version was uploaded to YouTube May 5, 2011 as aired on All News Channel, which also had a unique new view. UPDATE Feb. 2011: The International Center for 9/11 Studies NIST FOIA has produced a decent quality version of this shot in release 10, file WTCI-329-I-#30.wmv. Hard to miss is the suspicious dust jet shooting from the east side far below the "collapse" front. The source is from a studio tape, not found in a broadcast yet. (Little of the NY1 broadcast has been found.)

Same angle used by NY1 LIVE for the plane impact. This Empire State Building WTC 2 collapse shot was found in the History Channel's Modern Marvels "Demolition" episode, with a graphic over the tower.


New York 1 (NY1) West St.  YouTube 1 & 2.

NY1 - WTC 2

UPDATE Jan. 2015: Consulting the Cumulus database MDB notes we read: "'WTC West Side bike path - both bldg. collapses' - Reporter/Shooter, Andrew Siff; Shooter: Jason Post - 17:50 (39:52-57:45 = 17:53)" The times are from the "Six Raw Field Tapes [...] total duration with black in-between the segments is 57:50." Added to this list in 2010 before the FOIA release as rare footage from a YouTube upload by "jonfromqueens" May 07, 2010 described as "original TV footage of 9 11 Terrorist attacks as they unfolded. Taped by Jon Palmeri on Sept 11, 2001." The shot is seen on CourtTV. (Thanks, quantumflux432 for pointing it out.)

Raw NIST Cumulus file received in 2010: NY1 6 Raw 60. (Thanks 11Septembervideos) See it stabilized and listen as a bystander (cameraman?) says: "We are not going any closer. They had it wired for explosives obviously."


New York 1 (NY1) West St. 2  Watch

NY1 - WTC 2

Aired for the 10th anniversary in the "on demand" program "A Day In Time." Reporter Jeff Simmons told his story of being on the scene. Unfortunately, the footage doesn't show much more than a camera getting out of a car.

No NIST Cumulus file.


Univision (NEW 2019)  YouTube 1 and 2.

WTC2 Univision

Added in 2019 although I posted the video to my WTC911demolition channel in 2012 (link 2 above). Listed/alphabetized as "GLVSN on the 1 WTC page, with a link to the Galavision TV archive source (9/12/2001 at 3:11 pm) at -- which, unlike their HD clip, shows jumpers. Blanca Rosa Vilchez and camera operator Miguel M. Pinzon were very close to the scene.

Thanks again to 911AnalysisVideo for posting the high quality view. I must have forgotten to add it to the list, until now!


WABC Below WTC 1 NW  YouTube 1 & 2.

WABC raw news feed

UPDATE 2019: Fixed links, thanks to random uploads and others who have contacted me about fixing this page. Thanks!

The video clip in question was aired by CNN on a repeat cycle with other clips from WCBS (Chopper2), WPIX (Air11), etc. The collage of CNN footage is a chaotic mess of unsourced clips. See 12:40 on CNN for an example with audio targeting Osama Bin Laden. See additional footage on the original file of WCBS from very nearby (listed separately below). The WABC clip was aired on WB11 (WPIX) just after 11:00 am on 9/11, and, of course, on ABC nationwide at 11:02 pm (yet they mistakenly say it collapsed at 9:50). See a collection of similar views here.

Plus, HQ untelevised amateur "Veoh Anonymous" also focuses on the falling west face impacting WTC 3, the Marriott Hotel (which didn't completely collapse until a second 110-story building crushed it).

Raw NIST Cumulus files: ABC Dub3 29, WABC Dub1 59 (both same length, longer than the following), and WPIX Dub5 21 (short)


WCBS Below WTC 1 NW  YouTube 1 & 2

WCBS raw news feed

Aired on CBS at 10:26 am, but first (in the available archive) by NBC at 10:11 am (and at about the same time on Japanese TV NHK). To see it with candid audio, click YT link 1 above, a file once found at See additional footage on the original file of WABC from very nearby. For more West St. perspectives, see similar angles compiled here - or listed below.

A high quality untelevised amateur "Veoh Anonymous" (see below) also focuses on the falling west face impacting WTC 3, the Marriott Hotel (which didn't completely collapse until WTC 1 finally crushed it).


WCBS Barry Weiss  YouTube

dust cloud

UPDATE 2014: Moved from TV Amateurs in light of the NIST Cumulus FOIA file being matched with the relatively new database, which names the camera operator (to view page, first agree to terms at [click Continue], then click this link again.)

Not much is to be said of the video showing the "collapse." The dust cloud itself, though, was used on CBS News often (WCBS New York local). This cloud, according to some, provides a convincing proof of explosive demolition. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth lists this Twin Towers demolition feature with a link to Jim Hoffman's introduction to his important study titled "Vast Volumes of Dust: Dust From Collapses Expanded to Many Times The Towers' Volumes." Although the related paper focuses on the North Tower, it applies in all 3 WTC "collapses."

Raw NIST Cumulus file: WCBS Dub2_14 ( also names the camera operator)


WNYW FOX5 - Jack Taliercio  YouTube 1 & 2 (slow)

FOX5 - Jack Taliercio camera

Jack Taliercio CNN

Jack Taliercio, cameraman. He and his fellow camera operators at WNYW FOX5 won an Emmy Award in 2003 for "coverage of an instant breaking news story." The winning compilation they put together (he, David Corporon, and Keith Lane) was called "Capturing 9/11: Stories from Behind the Lens." Clips of their footage are contained in the NIST Cumulus database, specifically files "WNYW Dub2 064" and 65-200 (many clips just seconds long, incomplete) -- and from the NIST website "WTC Repository" as 500-WTCI-434-I.mp4 (at 26:00). UPDATE March 2012: Taliercio's full tape (at least to run time 27:15 where Dave Corporon's WTC2 collapse dust cloud footage begins - WTC1 collapse not captured) is available for download at (after clicking Continue to agree to terms, it's number 498-WTCI-433-I.mp4). Collapse at vrt 13:34. Thanks WTCFOIAVideos for uploading most of it on YT. See Jack interviewed at vrt 34:45 on the NIST site.

UPDATE Sept. 1, 2010: Newly available video of an explosion was shot by Taliercio. The video file in the recent FOIA NIST release is named "WNYW Dub1 35." See 0:56 vrt, or this compilation of 3 views of the event. Here's what the NIST WTC study said of the explosion in this clip:

The video shot from the WTC plaza captured an intriguing event at 9:37:04 a.m. A jet of air, dust, and a large piece of debris was ejected from a window, 77-355, on the 77th floor at an extremely high velocity. Longer distance videos show that puffs of smoke and or dust appeared simultaneously on the east face from several open windows near the center of the 78th floor and from open windows on the north side of the 79th floor."
- Page 50/268 in NIST NCSTAR1-5A Ch 9 Appx C. Their theory of why it happened is on page 55/268, third paragraph:

"It is conceivable that the pressure pulse generated within WTC 2 at 9:37:04 a.m. could have resulted from the sudden collapse of the hanging object, presumed to be a portion of the 83rd floor slab, observed through open 82nd floor windows. While the rapid collapse of a large secion of a floor slab would likely generate a substantial pressure pulse, evidence supporting such a conclusion is circumstantial, at best. The actual collapse of the object was not observed, and there is no evidence that it occurred rapidly or even at this time. The appearance of large fires on the 82nd floor shortly after the pressure pulse is an indication that something happened on this floor around this time. On the other hand, most of the direct effects of the pressure pulse were observed on lower floors, particularly floors 77 through 79. The available pathways for transporting the pressure pulse are unknown, but it might have been expected that its largest effects would have been apparent near the floor where it was generated. It must be concluded that, while it is possible that the pressure pulse resulted from a partial collapse of the hanging object seen on the east side of the tower, the evidence is far from conclusive." - NIST NCSTAR 1-5A Ch. 9 Appx. C, p.55/268.

Find some 9/11 video on the website-- including this demolition shot by Taliercio. This insane closeup is one of few angles to catch the dust jet, N side and center on the lower floors (See also non-TV amateur Alvarado). Another feature of the collapse highlighed by this angle is the symmetrical, timed nature of the tower's destruction-- before the supposedly crushing top portion had fallen that far. Taliercio runs for his life from the plume of extraordinarily dense dust. In the street he passes another cameraman (Dave Corporon, see National Geographic's "Inside 9/11") whose amazing footage of the expanding cloud was also seen on FOX5. "Look out behind you," he says to the transfixed Corporon, running past. Both would survive. (As a matter of fact, the only journalist to perish would be Bill Biggart, photographer.) The WNYW camera was very close to televised amateur Evan Fairbanks.

Raw NIST Cumulus files: WNYW Dub1 53 and WPIX Dub5 26


WNYW James Ford  Youtube 1 and 2.

rare South Tower collapse

UPDATE July 2014: Moved from TV amateurs (no. 43) up to the TV network section and renamed from FOX Unknown 9/12 (aired at 3:30 and 3:46 a.m.) since Nathan Flach has provided an extended view by joining files (link 1 above), which revealed to me the NIST FOIA release 10 file "WTCI-329-I-#12.wmv" from the afternoon WNYW broadcast (link 2 - at vrt 16:58) See the WTC 1 view from FOX/WNYW reporter James Ford's camera operator now. Note that this clip isn't specifically named as his, but his location and the TV footage context clues make it very likely I am correct naming this.

Note that the "Gamma Press" title was left on the collapse footage long after an airing of the Naudet 1st plane impact. The demolition clip is not Gamma Press, although a few of the airplane videos were.

NIST FOIA release 10 file "WTCI-329-I-#12.wmv"


WPIX (WB11) Metrocam  YouTube 1, 2, & 3

WB11 10:03 am

As seen from the Empire State Building... called Metrocam by the news presenters. Watch the building core fall apart in longer versions, as seen rarely - for example in NIST FOIA release 10, WTCI-329-I-#5.wmv at vrt 4:50. Closer views of the core are seen in the amateur Luigi Cazzaniga shot, the Dean Riviere architects' shot, C. Hopewell/Tinacart and Meridianmulti... (add more). The Aman Zafar photo sequence comes to mind ( has 50 HI RES photos and takes a while to load, so here is the one of the core).

This camera was shared by WABC and WNYW from the start of the day's coverage, but WB11 aired the 2nd plane impact from this angle LIVE. WPIX replayed this South Tower "collapse" over and over. WABC NY local Channel 7 aired the first half second of the "collapse" LIVE from this angle. WPIX-TV (WB11) aired this angle live for a moment during the last seconds. Side note: See the new WPIX 9/11 memorial page now.

YougeneDebs used trig to discover the WB11 view "seems to be on the western half of the ESB at about the 88th storey. Notice the Staten Island shore line and structures there behind One Liberty Plaza, the old U.S. Steel building, the black building just to the left of center-frame for an estimate of the height of the perspective."

Raw NIST Cumulus files: WPIX Dub1 87 (aired at 10:01, minus last few seconds of core collapse) and WPIX Dub1 94 (aired at 10:03 am, same). Longest version in release 10, WTCI-329-I-#5.wmv at vrt 4:50. ALSO in high mpeg-2 quality in release 28,


Please help refine this list. Write matt -at- 911conspiracy•tv.


Andrés Barrilá   Youtube 1, 2 (HQ), & 3

Andres Barrila WTC2

UPDATE: RCTV Venezuela version aired 9/27/2001 found among other public appearances listed (I moved this listing to TV Amateurs). Plus, a new HD version is available.

One version uploaded by Barrilá aka inoutcut titled "9-11 TWIN TOWERS Original Video and Sound ANDRES BARRILA" (YouTube 1 above) has almost one million views! Another is titled "9/11 HQ 'TWIN TOWERS ANDRES BARRILA'.FROM THOMPSON & WATTS ST" (link 2 above, mirrored at his other account barrila9112001, but titled en Espanol.) Version 3 by Barrilá is in slow motion. Thanks, Andrés!


Richard Lee Brennan  YouTube 1 & 2

South Tower

UPDATE Oct. 2011: Photographer name found in the NIST video repository on This clip comes from an unknown program, where 9/11 storyteller Stanley Praimnath narrates, found at Similar to several other shots, a bright flash is seen 10-15 stories above the fiery corner at 81 where the starboard engine of "Flight 175" exited. This was a plainly visible explosion seen in many videos.

Raw NIST Cumulus file: CNN Dub4 30 -- also see release 10, WTCI-329-I-#4.wmv


Luigi Cazzaniga  Youtube 1, 2, & 3

Cazzaniga WTC2

Found in extended length with the name WTC2_Cazzaniga.mp4," which is the same video file once found at (thanks, Xeno!). ANOMALY: One pre-collapse clip in particular is astonishing -- where molten metal drips down by an apparent explosion (splash?) as seen in HBO's 2002 "In Memoriam...."

Compare the angle to Alfie Alvarado's shot, also from Park Row. Cazzaniga's camera is about 30 feet to the right! PLUS, this isn't to be confused with another similar, closer shot. See above, CNN's Brian Kiederling, who was aired very rarely.

One split version (edited) comes from "New York: The Center of the World" (PBS, 2003) - YT link 2 above. See it also on CNN at 4:23 pm, in extended length. Additional clips from HBO's 2002 "In Memoriam: New York City 9/11/01" show pre-collapse shots of the molten corner and falling yellow-orange metal at vrt 00:15:49. NIST used the shot, for example, in their volume 1-6, where still images appear.

Raw NIST FOIA files: Luigi Cazzaniga 47 and WPIX Dub5 22 (no initiation). UPDATE: Release 10 has the video in file WTCI-329-I-#25.wmv at vrt 26:19.


CBS - Damas Home Video  YouTube 1 & 2

CBS WTC2 collapse

Watch at the TV archive site, where the police officer says, "the explosion blew and then it knocked everybody over." Yes, at ground level. Hear the Ron DiFrancesco story about the fireball that burned more than half his body.

This shot also appeared in the 2002 UK documentary "A Tale of Two Towers." Note that 6:34 pm on 9/11 wasn't the only airing. See also (partial) airings 9/11 at 6:31 pm & 9/12 at 11:09 pm, for example.

Oct. 2010, UPDATED TITLE FROM "CBS 6:34 PM." Raw NIST Cumulus file: WCBS NIST Dub #1_Damas home video\WCBS Dub1 25 (Watch and listen to clips 25 and 26.) See also NIST FOIA, release 25, 42A0115 - G25D25.


CBS 9/12 3:34 am & Naudet Unknown  TV archive (CBS) & YouTube

CBS amatuer WTC2 collapse

UPDATE 2019: Thanks to jakanz725 for the upload and notice. Links fixed! Note that Naudet did not shoot the footage. Possibly a TV camera, considering the focus on EMT and injured persons in the second before the camera turns toward the buildings. Link 2 above is from the "9/11" documentary (TV version), but Jules was in WTC 1 and Gedeon was at the firehouse. Actor/producer/firefighter James Hanlon had the day off. See the Naudet footage from inside WTC1 now... including this unknown outside clip and a high quality CBS Chopper2.


CBS9 Washington Zoom 9/13 at 9:21 AM  YouTube 1, 2, & 3

CBS9 WTC2 demolition

South Tower demolition aired 9/13 -- see it in the TV archive now, also repeat airings at 9:24 and 9:30. A telephoto lens zoomed on the NE corner detonation and other flashes that may be reflections from glass -- or NOT. UPDATE: Sky News version (link 3 above) found at

Other angles of the apparent demolition flash in the NE corner above the plane engine exit hole: Antonio Rosario, Onno de Jong, Cindy Weil, and several others. Should there be more? Was there video photoshopping done to some videos before broadcast (Alfie Alvarado?), to cover up this anomaly? Maybe the flash from inside only reached certain perspectives, considering the fact that the 18.5-inch windows were set back from the outside edge of the exterior wall by 10 inches. (Learn more about the windows and lack of glass in the rubble pile... and the plentitude of pulverized glass in the omnipresent dust.)


Clifton Cloud, NBC Northeast  YouTube 1, 2, & 3

WTC South Tower collapse

Aired with 2nd plane impact during his interview on 9/12 at 11:50 am (YouTube 1 above). Partial view aired at 9:20 pm on 9/11. A better view - without the "Attack on America" banner graphic - can be seen 9/13 at 2:00 am. (Other airings?) Clifton's video is one of few that captured the 2nd plane and both "collapses."

Raw NIST Cumulus file: WNBC Dub3_5 and Clifton Cloud Clip_15 (watch 15)


Lucia Davis (partial)  YouTube 1, 2, 3.

Lucia Davis South Tower

Multiple CameraPlanetArchive uploads on YouTube (listed together below without this televised angle). Out of the many CameraPlanet files showing the WTC "collapses," few have been matched with a person's name. One person is Lucia Davis, who happens to have filmed the controversial explosion audio near WTC 7... around 11:11 am (see details). She nearly missed the South Tower demolition. Only the last seconds of the event are seen, from a distance. Soon she would be in the thick of it. Here is her North Tower footage, seen from behind WTC7.


Evan Fairbanks  YouTube 1, 2, 3, & 4

Evan Fairbanks WTC2 collapse

Enhanced unedited HD view in playlist at TOP. See it stabilized expertly here with zoom. UPDATE Oct. 2011: Finally five minutes of audio has been found [here with better video swapped] in the redacted FBI/NIST version of the footage (faces are blanked out). BUT... the audio ends a minute before the plane hits. What the people say is interesting. "Two explosions. Two separate ones," when the first plane hit; and a smoke storm in the basement of WTC 1, their ears popped. It seems as if the nearby radio caused Evan to adjust and accidentally kill the volume (?) UPDATE Sept. 2010: Audio has been found in about 10 seconds of the Fairbanks tape, about a minute before the plane impact (911allcausticcamera download source lost). UPDATE May 2010: A 22-minute long, high quality version of the Fairbanks tape has become available.

Evan Fairbanks appeared on primetime TV the night of 9/11 (footage aired at 10:40 p.m.) after having spoken with ABC anchor Peter Jennings earlier around 5:00 p.m.-- the first airing of his famous plane impact footage, and South Tower "reverse mushroom cloud," as he describes it.

In Jeff Hill's telephone interview from Jan. 2008, Evan said the FBI made him a copy of his tape that morning. It's uncertain whether the lack of audio in the footage is due to operator error - as Fairbanks says in the phone interview - or if the FBI dubbing removed the audio:

"'And it was only after the first tower collapsed and FBI agents conducted me to a safe place, that I stopped shooting. When I told them what I had on videotaped, they brought me to their command center. They have the original, which has five minutes of audio. This is a copy. Sorry there's no sound.'" - Fairbanks quote from Linda Linguvic, Greenwich Village Gazette

Also, a page in David Friend's book Watching the World Change: The Stories Behind the Images of 9/11 (2006) almost contradicts Evan's "operator error" statement: "Though he had shot with the audio turned on, the FBI had impounded his footage as evidence, returning a single copy to him with the sound inexplicably erased." So it took 10 years to release the full video with audio -- but it makes sense that Evan accidentally turned off the mic five minutes into filming, when the radio came into range. So again to clarify, this collapse footage never had audio.

Funny, when Evan's clip was used by the feds in the U.S. vs. Moussaoui "20th hijacker" case, not only was the video silent... it was black and white! (Learn about the Moussaoui case now. More evidence of inside job and FBI obstruction from on high.)

Raw NIST Cumulus file: ABC Dub3 24 (watch with files 20 - 23 also) -- Find audio in the redacted FBI version only at (To view, click "Continue" and agree to the terms. Then re-click this link.) See also NIST FOIA 09-42 release 25, folder 42A0103 - G25D13, after the Naka Nathaniel plane hit video.


Fireball at Street Level (story during clip)  Youtube 1 & 2

ABC South Tower collapse

Ron DiFrancesco told an important story during this "collapse" video on ABC. More than half of his body was burned by the fireball at street level during the WTC 2 demolition. Aired by ABC on 9/11/2002 - a fact now known thanks to the 2010 Int'l Center for 9/11 Studies NIST FOIA, release 28, folder 42A0282 - G27D4, VOB 2. Thanks to master archivist Gideon52480, who provided the clip to YouTube before that.

Another important witness is NYPD officer Sam Esposito, who was injured in a lower level explosion... and who saw the fireball.


FOX - Craig Braden Angle 1  YouTube 1 & 2.

History WTC2

UPDATE: Renamed from "FOX/History Unknown" (angle 2 is listed below under NIST as Craig Braden.) Thanks to an update at the TV archive, the shot has been found a few times in the WNYW broadcast after 8:00 PM (also after 9:30).

Quoting the YouTube post: "History Channel clip shown partially in "American Vesuvius" documentary, I was playing with this one day, trying to reassemble the South Tower collapse video fragments they chopped up, thought someone might want a look." Download clip (right click to save) -- Thanks, Nate!

More on the volcano comparison: "[T]he scene looked like Pompeii after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Inches of ash on the ground."
- John Bussey, "The Eye of the Storm," The Wall Street Journal, Sept. 12, 2001, p. A4.

Aired on FOX in a small split window at 9:51 pm on 9/11, a clip which also includes the North Tower "collapse" from this angle. These shocking events replayed over and over, until nobody wanted to think about it... critically.


Sumner Jules Glimcher  YouTube 1 & 2

Huge Explosions

UPDATE 2014: See the man with his camera(s) in the new-ish 9/11 footage release by David Vanadia, "My 9/11," at 4:54 specifically. The Glimcher footage aired (for example) on NBC 9/12 at 9:50 pm. Uploaded to the web (and later deleted) by YouTuber 11sjg11 (website Shot from Bleecker St at Laguardia Place (noted during the video). Also, a brief HQ clip appeared in National Geographic's 2006 "Inside 9/11," which made use of many CameraPlanet clips (notice the image at left is stamped with the old logo). All non-televised CameraPlanet clips are grouped below. Also of interest is the use of only the audio ("huge explosions" quote) by the editors of "On Native Soil." Artistic license.

"More explosions. Huge explosions," he says. The word "explosion" seemed like the best word to describe what happened to the tower(s), but that alone isn't proof of a conspiracy, of course. Yet when enough people describe the explosions in more detail, though.... See films like "9/11 Revisited" and/or visit the video collection.

NIST Cumulus files in the folder "WNBC NIST Dub #8 - Sumner Glimcher" are rose-colored, but the flash in the NE corner of floor 91 (appx.) is still apparent. NOTE: An additional copy in high quality can be found as WNBC Dub3_4. Also see release 25, 42A0095 - G25D5.


Chris Hopewell (aka Tinacart)  YouTube 1, 2, & 3

Tinacart 1 - 7PM

"Eyefull, Inc." is credited at (link 4 above), video archive for Associated Press and AP Television News (APTN)... although the footage was exclusive to CBS News on 9/11. See a screenshot of details, since navigating that site requires registering. The Eyefull footage was acquired by the Library of Congress September 11 collection, and is credited/listed under "Film Makers." Quote: "World Trade Center Attack. Courtesy Chris Hopewell + Carol Wells, Eyefull Inc."

Xenomorph911WTC has uploaded a rare segment of CBS coverage featuring the full length footage in good quality (cropped and enhanced here). The angle's name comes from the YouTube channel "tinacart," which features the plane impact footage (and 2 other 9/11 plane clips including "Tinacart 2" and Devin_Clark (see above). Aired at exactly 7:00 pm on 9/11 CBS. This particular version cuts off before the building core is seen falling to pieces.

An interesting question is posed by the smoke cloud rising to the left of the WTC, near the edge of the frame. Follow the investigation into this anomaly... which was aired at about 5:30 pm - but not on CBS9 Washington (the TV archive).

No NIST FOIA clips with this footage have been located yet. Release 14 CBS-Net NIST Dub #1 starts after the first collapse.


Portugal SIC TV  YouTube 1, 2, & 3


Thanks to 911allcausticcamera, who found the video. Nothing is known about the clip. It seems audio is included, however the distance from the WTC suggests it is added from another source during a summary by the news channel. Update: See another version linked above - with audio, and without the news banner.


Russo, Inside Edition  Watch

WTC2 South

Rare south view, but low quality. See also NBC Producer Christian Martin, Paul Berriff, and Brandon Marcus.

Amateur camcorder shot by the Russo family, aired 9/11/2002 after a long day of special programs. The clip was exclusive to Inside Edition, it seems. Found and added to this list Jan. 2011. Source: Int'l Center for 9/11 Studies NIST FOIA, 911datasets release 28, 42A0282 - G27D6.


TAC Arabic News  YouTube 1 & 2


Never before seen angle from SE, only just found October 2010... and brought to my attention by Xenomorph911WTC, one of 2 links above. Similar angle: Dean Riviere (Architect/Moussaoui Exhibit).


Unknown, Inside Edition  YouTube 1 and 2.

WTC2 Brooklyn

Brooklyn view due east, aired on Inside Edition Sept. 12 after their crew's rare WTC 7 demolition shot. Uploaded to YouTube Sept. 2009 but added here in 2012.

No NIST FOIA version found.

Assumed to be amateurs. For the purposes of this list, the "TV archive" will include any 2001 TV.

- alphabetical order, numbered & linked -


Alfie Alvarado  YouTube 1, 2, & 3

Alvarado HD

Sources are few. One is the lengthy "September 11th" - uploaded to YouTube Oct. 1, 2007 by talkingdoggirl. It can be found as an identical low res .mov file at, apparently the owner of the YouTube channel. The video features 2 (or more) videographers in Manhattan, the second being a distant Noah Klersfeld, who is named at the end. Cut from the video, you will notice in all versions, is some of the collapse. This longest version of the footage has the least amount of collapse time.

Secondly there's "102 Minutes that Changed America" (History/A&E, 2008). See some of the footage with commentary from the shooter at the History website. There you'll find another clip that likewise cuts out most of the collapse (and another, where her name is misspelled "Alvarez"). I haven't seen the DVD version, but I can safely guess both it and the TV version cut some time. However, the 2008 TV version of the documentary featured an interview with some of the videographers at the end, not unlike the one seen on the History website. See a 2011 airing in HD slow motion in the playlist above (or YT link 2).

Alvarado's crowd footage appeared in PBS Frontline's 2002 "Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero," with none of the collapse. The same can be said for HBO's "In Memoriam: New York City 9/11/01" (HBO, 2002). A virtually identical perspective seen here in the documentary does seem to match the missing frames in History's version.

UPDATE March 2012 -- this other view probably belongs to the very nearby woman with a videocamera! Perhaps THAT could be Alvarado and despite History/A&E's assertion, this other camera belonged secondhand to Alfie? (See "HBO 'In Memoriam' Amateur" below.)

Molten metal drips in clear view, with white smoke like in a thermite reaction. See a metal drip video compilation with several camera angles. More rare is the capture of a lower north face squib/dust jet 40-some floors below the "crush front." Another glimpse of it is in WNYW Jack Taliercio's shot (and the HBO "In Memoriam" shot). ANOTHER interesting thing about this video is the straight view of the corner knuckle at initiation. Compare with an NBC view, for example. In the Alvarado shot, though, the bright flash from the corner is barely perceptible.

Alvarado's location was Park Row at Beekman Street. (Thanks, YougeneDebs)


AmrAmAr (NEW 2012) YouTube or Vimeo

new WTC Footage

Titled "releasing unreleased WTC 9/11 footage 8/9" at YouTube and Vimeo (links 1 and 2 above). Available for download with jpeg images (for non-commercial use) at (in lower quality than on YT or Vimeo, due to poor conversion) where we learn Amr's "ex-friend" shot the footage. This friend is probably named Egon Zippel, considering that playing the original .rm file displays the email address belonging to egonzippel.... A quick web search finds that somebody with the same name in fact lived in NYC. Yet another name, this on one of the downloadable zipped folders, is "franz_worldtradecenter," perhaps Franz being AmrAmAr's identity?

The footage includes 2nd plane impact, aircraft blocked by buildings. The camera quickly began shooting on the streets, starting off the 9 part series. WTC 1 collapse was barely missed. Also, but in a different, 4 part series, WTC 7 burns, seen from West St. like with WTC 2.


BBC Website 2011  YouTube 1, mirror

South Tower collapse

Source - where BBC says "At 09:58 Eastern Daylight Time the South Tower of the World Trade Center collapsed." By most accounts it happened at 9:59. Unknown camera operator, likely an amateur. Footage appeared on the web Sept. 1, 2011 for the 10 year anniversary. Archived on YT by 911allcausticcamera.


Paul Berriff  YouTube 1 (stabilized), 2 (fake audio), 3 (HD slow motion), and 4. (original audio)

Berriff South Tower

Berriff had approached Battalion Chief Mike Puzziferri a few months earlier about making a film. And on the morning of September 11th, he'd been at the station with his camera rolling.

Quoting from the DVD jacket of Berriff's documentary "9/11: The Firefighters' Story," which aired on UK Channel 5 Thursday August 29th, 2002 at 8:00 pm. The DVD is now available (2011) with the 4-disc set "Remembering 9/11 - 4 Films Commemorating The Heroes and Victims Of September 11th." Read a review now or this article. Only in this documentary did the clip air with the original audio. Also.... notice the obvious squib/dust jet from floor 34, far too early in the "collapse." For whatever reason, this feature was edited/cropped out for the version used in the film "Giuliani's 9/11" (National Geographic 2010). Compare those frames with the original frame seen at left.

Loud explosion "pops" are heard in some versions, because the audio was altered for the Discovery Channel docudrama "Inside the Twin Towers" (aired 9/3/2006 - see full doc.). This program aired on France Channel 2 as "Dans Les Tours Jumelles" and on Germany's RTL as "Die Letzten Minuten Im World Trade Center" (both also 2006). The original audio track, like the Siegel audio (below), is analyzed at To see another example of audio tampering watch the Siegel footage with explosion audio.

No NIST FOIA file. Recent high quality comes from the UK Channel 4 documentary "9/11: The Firemen's Story" (2011); not to be confused with Berriff's "9/11: The Firefighters' Story."


Nick Buzzell (partial)  YouTube

WTC 2 collapse

New Sept. 13, 2011 as posted by WagnerCollegeNYC (deleted March 2012), who said: "This short documentary, posted on our YouTube channel by permission, was produced by Buzzell from the video footage he shot that day from Harbor View Hall." That's in Staten Island. WTC1 falling was also captured partially... and set to ambient music for YT (removed by 911allcausticcamera in link above).

ABOUT THIS LIST: The CameraPlanet Archive has collected 500 or so hours of 9/11 footage (says NY Times), but the Archive does not necessarily own the rights to all of it. A few of the camera angles titled "CameraPlanet..." below have been matched with a videographer's name. Most have appeared in televised documentaries and on DVDs. Still, the videos will appear in this list alphabetically under "C," to provide a consolidated collection of South Tower "collapse" videos from "the Archive." Note that TV amateur Sumner Jules Glimcher also appears in the CameraPlanet archive, but NBC quality sets it apart.

Criticism aside (below, really), thanks are in order to CameraPlanet for their valuable work. THANKS!


CameraPlanet: Cynthia Malaran  YouTube

Malaran WTC2

Shot from an East Village apartment. Cynthia's artistic WTC photos poster gives a beautiful, extended time lapse of the World Trade Center's life and disappearance. It seems the South Tower collapse images only appear in an old CameraPlanet compilation sampler (YT link above). She appears on CameraPlanetArchive's YouTube channel interviewed only in few-second clips (literally 2, 3, 10 seconds each), like most of the material there - frustrating.

National Geographic (and CameraPlanet) featured her footage of the North Tower destruction in the bonus program "Witness 9/11," in the DVD documentary set titled "Inside 9/11" (2006). Cynthia nearly captured the 2nd plane impact on film, but was setting up her she says audibly during the video.


CameraPlanet - Debris Avalanche  YouTube

South Tower debris

Shot from Church and Franklin. One of many videos shot from Church Street, but one of few to capture the South Tower's east side falling (into a million pieces) in detail. This view is very similar to Bruno Levy's. Seen first on the older South Tower sample reel from CameraPlanetArchive. See a similar high resolution image (2,623px × 1,745px) from an elevated perspective.

One example of high quality documentary usage is in "On Native Soil" (911Report LLC, 2005). Find the clip in HQ mpeg2 for download here. The camera operator isn't listed in the credits. Instead, CameraPlanet Archive is noted for its "exclusive footage." Also seen in "Loose Change Final Cut" (YT link above) and PBS's "Why the Towers Fell."


CameraPlanet - Extreme Closeup on Molten Corner  YouTube 1, 2, & 3

Anonymous South Tower video

Update July 2014: See also CBC's "The Secret History of 9/11," "Rudy: The Rudy Giuliani Story," and Discovery Channel's "9/11: After The Towers Fell." Thanks Nathan Flach. Update March 2012: Found at the Getty Images stock footage website.

Titled "First tower collapse view from 6th avenue" by the CameraPlanetArchive YouTube user, though the shot's point of perspective is West Broadway and Spring St (according to researcher YougeneDebs).

One high quality airing (although never full length) was in "New York: The Center of the World" (PBS, 2003). Another is during the National Geographic "Inside 9/11" South Tower sequence. A version for download can also be found at

NIST files include one terrible version at the website (click Continue to agree to terms then follow this link again, if necessary). It's 720x480 with only 320x240 worth of image surrounded by black border, with poor resolution.


CameraPlanet - Gary Pollard, Trinity Church  YouTube 1, 2

Gary Pollard South Tower

UPDATE 2016: Add NIST FOIA info below, as it was shown in the documentary "Report from Ground Zero" which NIST clipped. Pollard's shot was also featured in the drama-mentry "Rudy: The Rudy Giuliani Story" (2003) - and in the 2002 CameraPlanet film "7 Days in September," by Steven Rosenbaum, which interviewed camera operators. The clip is on YouTube channel CameraPlanetArchive at YouTube link 1 above. For CameraPlanet's collections of short, over-compressed, and disorganized 9/11 video clips, also visit, or (currently dead page)

NIST FOIA 09-42 folder 42A0306 - G28D11: 1 folder with one .avi video file in folder "ABC_Stabilized032205" file name "RptGndZero2_clip5Comp1.avi" -- 2 seconds long, high quality shot of initiation.


CameraPlanet - Jersey Long Shot  YouTube 1, 2...

WTC2 from Jersey

"So many dead people," one guy says. That is a chilling truth, yet WTC 2 had 614 killed compared to WTC 1 losing 1,402. This camera was featured in good quality during the National Geographic 2005 documentary "Inside 9/11" bonus DVD "Witness 9/11." See other short clips on CP Archive before the collapse ... also here. Then afterward the footage continues here and later missed the WTC 1 event.


CameraPlanet: Molten Metal  YouTube 1 (full) & 2 (edited) & 3

CameraPlanet molten metal angle

CameraPlanet molten metal

YouTube user CameraPlanetArchive uploaded the "full" version (2:49 long) on April 05, 2006 (once also on Google video). An edited version appeared September 10, 2007-- though it didn't replace the older one. It just didn't show the molten metal at the beginning and the last minute of aftermath.

See the molten metal drip stabilized (and/or the collapse itself using VirtualDub deshaker filter). See the dripping from another angle in better quality (Alfie Alvarado on History Channel). Investigate yourself theories on the orange-yellow material's composition with a look at 1.) NIST faq no. 11, 2.) Dr. Frank Greening's paper, 3.) the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) theory about the lead batteries known to exist on floor 81... which leads to 4.) the possibility of dislodged thermite - superthermite or nanothermite - from when the plane hit, melting structural steel where the building first failed. WHATEVER your opinion on this pre-collapse event, it is undeniable that molten steel was recovered from Ground Zero. And burning jet fuel doesn't melt steel any more than office fires do.

NIST files include one terrible version at the website (click Continue to agree to terms then follow this link again, if necessary). It's 720x480 with only 320x240 worth of image surrounded by black border, with poor resolution... probably taken from old Google flash video and converted to avi. (Also in FOIA release 28, 42A0307 - G28D12 in similar low res.)


CameraPlanet NE Rare Sample  YouTube

WTC from NE

Incorrectly titled by CameraPlanetArchive YouTube poster, "Shot from across hudson of South tower collapsing." The Hudson River is to the west of the WTC complex, not the northeast. One more example of CameraPlanet quality and attention to detail. (sarcasm) ..............................


CameraPlanet - West Wide Shot  YouTube 1 & 2

amatuer South Tower collapse

UPDATE: Rob's full footage added as YouTube link 1 above. Footage before the collapse from this Jersey angle was included in "7 Days in September" (2002) with narration by Rob Santana, the videographer. The collapse footage was found in a compilation sample reel titled "collapse of south" The latest sample reel is less specialized. It's an all-events-in-one production, complete with the distracting timer and CameraPlanet logo, which is now centered higher... to the increased detriment of the footage, of course.


chlarkfan73 - Jersey City View  YouTube 1 & 2

chlarkfan73 wtc vid

Handheld wide to medium shot. Uploaded to YouTube November 01, 2008 by chlarkfan73. Original title: "WTC 9.11 (Jersey City, NJ view)." Link 2 above is just a mirror by 911allcausticcamera.

Other Jersey views include Rick Siegel from Hoboken (non-televised), Meridianmulti (non-TV), and CameraPlanet - Jersey Long Shot.


Devin Clark  YouTube 1 & 2

Devin Clark WTC2

Originally found on Devin's website— see archived videos page, where his 8 minute "What I Saw From My Window" is NOT available. (download .mov here) Devin's video is also "United Airlines Flight 175 Witness Reactions III" on the tinacart YouTube channel. UPDATE: Also see his collapse footage (both towers) in the highly recommended "Oil, Smoke, and Mirrors" (at vrt 29:20).

His location: 1 Penn Plaza, close to CNN.


Caroline Dries (NEW 2011)  YouTube

Dries WTC

Caroline's footage premiered on History's "102 Minutes that Changed America" in 2008, but only the plane crash explosion.

CNN found Caroline 10 years after her NYU dorm room experience. The WTC 1 collapse also was captured, minus the initiation.


DSNY (NEW 2019)  YouTube


Thanks to 911AnalysisVideo for the upload notice that this angle wasn't listed! Original was uploaded by the New York City Department of Sanitation as a short video titled "DSNY Remembers: A 9/11 Tribute." The WTC 1 collapse from this angle is only found in full length in this video, which is unfortunately tinted in an underwater-style blue. Another clip from the DSNY can be found here.


East Shot  YouTube 1 & 2

WTC2 collapse East view

UPDATE 2014: See Nathan Flach's enhanced Showtime version, from Penn & Teller's "Bullshit! - Conspiarcy Theories" season 3 episode. This is a similar angle - and perhaps the same camera - as/to the "Columbine" 2nd plane impact video - both of which are included conspicuously in the short Vimeo doc "Remember September 11." To license footage, visit - ID: 256807 -- also (lost link) - both of which offer samples of the plane hit video on the same page. Find the collapse footage also in "World Trade Center: Rise and Fall of an American Icon" (THC, 2002). Old clip also at

NIST Cumulus Files: CBS-Net NIST Dub #4\CBS-Net Dub4 38.avi (watch) - terribly washed out - (and History Channel Rise and Fall\Rise Fall Hist Part B Clip20, low quality). UPDATE: See also 911datasets release 25, 42A0121 - G25D32 (YT link 2 above).


Ilse Fernandez  YouTube

Fernandez WTC2

Titled "9.11 World Trade Center view from Thompson Street in NYC" -- uploaded by 'ilsefernandez' September 20, 2007 with 'more info' that reads, "9.11 view of the towers from thompson street right before they fall." The shot quickly zooms out to a wide shot with little detail of the event... and then back in for the last seconds. Ilse's video also captured the North Tower "collapse."


France 2 from Trinity Church  YouTube 1 (compilation) & 2 (2019 Russian)

rare footage from Trinity Church

UPDATE 2019: Thanks 911AnalysisVideo for uploading so I'd recognize my broken links, now fixed. UPDATE 2014: Found an extended length Russian TV version with AUDIO in the TV archive aired 9/13. UPDATE Dec. 2010 upload by SWMtherei, which I combined with the missing end part (link 2 above) from a compilation collection by Xenomorph911WTC. A similar view comes from Gary Pollard, of CameraPlanet fame. Pollard's view is closer and available in better quality.


Francois Comeau  YouTube

Francotibe WTC2

UPDATE Jan. 2015: Changed name from "Francotibe" when the YouTube channel name changed during Google's recent user options changes. Not sure if this is the camera operator's name, so I'll keep it filed under "F" instead of moving to "C." For now.

Shot from North End Ave at Park Place W beside World Financial Center Plaza. Artistic slow motion and editing both add and subtract from the value of the short documentary. Why all the cuts, fades and edits? Not that it's a conspiracy. Just curious if there is a full version available. Francois?


Germany ZDF 2010  YouTube 1 & 2


Camera source, whether it be amateur or pro, is unknown. The documentary source is "9/11 - The True Story." Which, being a mainstream 911 documentary, of course isn't worthy of that title. Says "Germany's second state televison ZDF aired ... 'Der 11. September 2001- die wahre Geschichte'" in Sept. 2010.


Getty Images, East  YouTube 1 & 2

Getty WTC2

New find Aug. 2011 thanks to 911allcausticcamera. Good view of the core crumbling (see compilation). See YouTube link above or the Getty Images website (118412149). Shot from across the East River, with the Brooklyn Bridge in view.


Getty Images, North (NEW 2012)  YouTube

Getty WTC2

Update 2014: Since my 1 WTC page has this angle listed before the similar one below -- the steady wide shot of "WTC Uncut" -- I changed the order of these two angles on this page.

This view is apparently only found at the Getty Images archive films website, which attributes the footage to MADO Productions, mistakenly I suspect, because the camera view listed below this entry is the only one seen on (currently a dead site that I think belonged to Steven Mudrick). New to this list in March 2012.


Getty Images, Watertowers  YouTube & temp? private link

Getty WTC2

Update July 2014: Footage by Steven Mudrick whose 2002 work with Bryan Kortis "WTC Uncut" appeared as a 75-minute documentary with various mixed audio (Mado Productions). The last seconds of this collapse view are found in "World Trade Center: Rise and Fall of an American Icon" (THC, 2002) at 00:07:02 and again, longer, at 01:23:38 (also the North Tower shot from this angle). In full length the shot is apparently only found at stock footage sites like Getty Images and the extended version linked in the header above. See if you can find it in any of the 30 mainstream documentaries collected here. It's a balanced and stable shot, too. Amazingly neglected by filmmakers and TV producers.


Richie Gibbs  YouTube


New Sept. 10, 2011 as posted by YouTuber "richiegibbs," who said: "This is my footage from that day and beyond. At the end is footage of a Daniel Suhr memorial service. Daniel Suhr was the first nyc firefighter killed on 9-11-01. I'll always remember the look in the eyes of his father." The footage, shot from a rooftop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, doesn't include the initiation. Same for WTC 1.


Guy van Grinsven (NEW 2017)  YouTube at 4:26

WTC collapse Guy van Grinsven

Uploaded for the 10th anniversary. New to this list in 2017 thanks to a YouTube message from MrKoenig1985. Dutch photographer/videographer featured on TV (not on 9/11). See more at Titled "9/11 -NYC 10 JAAR LATER- Uitgebreide ooggetuige documentaire van Guy van Grinsven in New York" on Guy's YouTube channel. Run time 22:43. WTC 1 was also captured.

No NIST FOIA file.


Sarah Hanssen (NEW Sept. 2011)  Watch

WTC collapse

Titled "A Second Is Like It." Run time 5:55. (WTC1 not captured falling.) The collapse is seen in slow motion at the beginning. In Sarah's words:

This video is a quick reflection on my experience in downtown Manhattan on the morning of September 11, 2001. When reviewing my video material I was struck by the stunned calm of the people on the streets just five blocks away from the World Trade Center. This work is about that moment when time slowed, that moment which flew by in a panic and yet seems to go on and on still.

No NIST FOIA file.


HBO 'In Memoriam' Amateur  YouTube 1 & 2

WTC collapse

The only known version of this footage aired in the 2002 documentary "In Memoriam: New York City 9/11/01." Unlike other shots in the film, this one did not include a camera operator's name. For this reason it was confused with the very nearby camera owned by Alfie Alvarado, who was also featured in the documentary!

Added March 2012 to this list after piecing together the available versions of Alvarado's footage (in which I believe this unknown camera operator can be seen a few feet away). Watch the full film on the mainstream documentaries page.


Patrick Heaphy (NEW 2019)  YouTube


New to the web July 2019, as posted by "9/11 Project" who has one video called "9/11+20 Docuseries..." a trailer for an upcoming project for the 20th anniversary, it seems. (Hence, the "9/11+20" logo in the corner of the video.) The camera operator is named in the YouTube video description.

Found thanks again to a mirror upload by 911AnalysisVideo. The video is incomplete, featuring an edit before the zoom-in that skips time to show us a tight shot of the remaining South Tower core columns standing -- and falling straight down. (See a compilation of the WTC 2 core collapse.)


johncira  YouTube


New Sept. 8, 2011 as posted by YouTuber "johncira" who said: "When I stepped outside my apartment door and onto 6th Avenue, it seemed such a perfect day, nothing could go wrong." John chose a choice word to describe people's reactions that day: bewilderment. Although a quality shot, it's only 360p resolution (except where enhanced.) Unlike the north tower collapse, the WTC 2 shot wasn't fully captured due to early focus on the closer tower. Moments before the collapse, the footage includes the flowing molten substance/metal subject to controversy.

No NIST FOIA file.


Onno de Jong  YouTube 1 & 2

History Channel WTC2

UPDATE: Video now available on the NIST website. See the frame with NE corner flash at initiation. Still images from this video appear in NIST volume 1-6, for both the North and South Tower events. One televised version comes from the 2002 History Channel documentary "World Trade Center: Rise and Fall of an American Icon" at vrt 00:06:46. A similar angle is NBC view 3, with the Woolworth Building at center.

As the "collapse" initiates, watch the flash in the NE corner about 10 stories (?) above the plane engine's exit hole. The top section of the tower soon begins to crumble at that explosion point-- revealing part of the effort to prevent the top of the building from crashing by itself into the street.

Raw NIST FOIA file: Onno deJong Clip_6 (Now on the NIST website in full - UPDATE 2021, link is now 13 avi files on the NIST Google Drive.) Also see Release 27, 42A0163 - G26D22


Matthew Lapiska (NEW Sept. 2011)  Vimeo orig. or YT stabilized

WTC collapse

UPDATE 2014: Added YT link 2 above. Titled simply "9.11.01." Run time 3:15. WTC 1 collapse missed apparently. The only note from the videographer says "From the rooftop at 11 Mercer St." In a comment rarely heard in the background of this first collapse, somebody said "I told you!"

No NIST FOIA file.


Bruno Levy  YouTube 1, 2, & 3

Bruno Levy South Tower

UPDATE: Found at the Getty Images stock footage website. The videographer was named also in the 2002 HBO special "In Memoriam: New York City 9/11/01." Watch YouTube link 1 above. The debris avalanche on the east side of WTC 2 can also be seen in this clip that features the Levy closeup for comparison. Slow motion detail of the smithereens. Find a high quality download, France Ch. 2 version, at

Levy stood at the SE corner of Church and Chambers St.

NIST Cumulus file: RptGndZero1_clip26 -- watch in context of the "Report from Ground Zero" documentary, thanks to the NIST FOIA release 28, folder 42A0287 - G27D17.


"Love Rome"  YouTube

North Tower

See the "Love Rome" trailer. It introduces a full 1 hour 19 minute documentary available for download online. It's mostly raw, unedited footage shot on the streets. North Tower footage is only seen in the full film, or my YT clip from it.


Brandon Marcus  YouTube 1, 2, & 3

Brandon Marcus South Tower

Usually seen as a 29-second clip showing the rarely-seen south side of the South Tower. Link 3 above runs 6:32, but the music used in the upload got the audio track censored. (See also SW Closest, Below amateur, NY1 LIVE and CBS Chopper2 LIVE.) Like millions of people, Brandon said, "Oh my God!" and "Holy Shit!" If only his video were available in better quality, we could feel his shock more acutely.


Jonas Mekas (NEW 2011)  YouTube

WTC South Tower flash

Added here August 2014. Found at but uploaded there in 2011. Thanks for pointing out the link 911Allrec! See the whole 40-minute video, the South Tower event occurring at vrt 1:18. Good audio. A woman laughs before and cries after the collapse. Dust cloud ensues. WTC 1 event missed.


Meridianmulti (Rick Spilman)  YouTube

Meridianmulti South Tower

The videographer has expressed his unwillingness to create an unedited version of his video, which is a shame because bold text (with the incorrect time) is emblazoned on the screen AND the descent is edited, clipped in the middle! This prevents a timing (or simple viewing) of the core collapse, which is rarely seen. Similar images were taken by still photographer Aman Zafar (image - diagram) from across the Hudson. Of course Zafar's images are far superior. Other core shots include the Architects' amateur shot, TV amateur Tinacart 1, the WPIX Empire State Bldg. network shot, CBS Chopper2 (sort of), and (?). Also see number 5712, 5711, 5710, and 5709. Discussion and investigation at WTC 1 event also captured.


Bruce & Brad Miller - Jersey NW View  YouTube 1 (clip) & 2. (full)

NW South Tower

UPDATE 2015: Finally paired with a NIST FOIA file (Thanks, Vincent). Link added above and below.... South tower is obscured by the north. Uploaded to YouTube September 07, 2006 by millertime83. Titled "In Memory: September 11th," as it is on Also it's on as "Eternal Memories," posted by Brad Miller. The video credits: "Video Footage and Photos: Bruce Miller, Brad Miller, Stevens Television." Thanks to prishep for pointing this one out. -- The video only shows a moment of the North Tower event (3:08 into "In Memory" video), so it will not be listed on the 1 WTC page.

NIST FOIA file: Release 27 - 42A0162 - G26D21. NIST calls it "Stevens Tape 1" (agree to terms and re-click this link) because Stevens Television apparently had a part in the production (per video credits on the Miller YouTube version). See the uneventful Tape 2 here -- from another camera nearby, presumably held by the brother... Tape 2 misses everything but smoke and bystanders (some who saw the large airliner come in from the south).


Danny Miller (NEW 2012)  Vimeo or YouTube

South Tower collapse

Similar view to the unknown TV1 shot and an unnamed CameraPlanet shot, extreme closeup on the crumpling corner spouting orange molten fluid. Uploaded to Vimeo in 2012 by Danny Miller. Found by 911allcausticcamera, again, thanks. Stabilized and enhanced expertly by Nathan Flach at YT link above!


J Mol (NEW 2014)  YouTube

South Tower collapse

New to this list 2018. Thanks for the tip 911allcausticcamera aka All911rec, again. This distant NE shot zooms in for the core crumbling, but pans up and away without paying much attention to the camera.

95. 026001  YouTube 1 or 2, enhanced

myfootage WTC

Thanks YouTube user footagefile13 for uploading the video, which links to the video hosted at the related website Note that the 2nd plane hit video (plane missed) timer on screen - at 45:50 while the collapse is at 26:00 - tells us there was more than one "MINI DV" tape... as there are more than one videos with the number 026001.

No NIST file. A quality version hasn't been obtained, yet.


Lance Nealy - Jersey City Heights  Watch

WTC2 Jersey

Once found at (thanks Xeno for the ID). Rediscovered as one of many 9/11 footage clips posted in 2008 by French Dailymotion user Xuti75, titled "9H59 : Effondrement de la tour sud du WORLD TRADE CENTER."


New 9/11 Memorial  YouTube

9-11 Memorial South Tower collapse

Source seen at -- the interactive September 11 Attack Timeline, a feature of the online 9/11 Memorial Museum added in Feb. 2011. Other new 9/11 footage found there includes two (missed) plane crash videos and a few other clips.


New York Times Online  YouTube

NY Times South Tower

Source: Naka Nathaniel plane impact was included in original version... edited out for YouTube clip linked above. South Tower demolition view from across East River. (See similar "East View" above.) North Tower seen from distance through telephoto lens.

•     NIST "Cumulus" Video Database Released (Partially)     •
Quality Source Material for 9/11 Truth

New 2010 additions listed below (and some views listed above) come from a NIST Freedom of Information Act request thanks to James Gourley, Justin Keogh, and the International Center for 9/11 Studies -- who are uploading to YouTube channel IC911Studies, along with others. The first release of many in progress was the NIST Cumulus Video Database, which is not totally complete due to some copyright claims (sorry no details). It's 942GB of 6767 files in original uncompressed avi format or 83.9GB compressed (still good quality - see YouTube user 911Crasting - and still the same number of files). Download yourself using the torrents found at the wiki site (or keep reading). Cumulus is release number 14, first in a list of many releases to come, totaling more than 4TB. Release 25 is 190GB, in original mpeg-2/VOB/DVD files. Release 27 also, which is 430GB. Sorting all 36 releases (Update 2013: more now) is [still] a work in progress.

UPDATE: Download much of this data at the homepage. Watch most of it in enhanced resolution at YouTube THANKS to TheMKMonarch, WTCFOIAvideos, and especially Nathan Flach, who has taken the time to stabilize much of the event footage, also in HD.

This release comes with the terms below. Note that is non-profit, using no advertisements.

Terms of Use for Enclosed Records Released by National Institute of Standards and Technology under Freedom of Information Act

By downloading these records, which were originally released by the National Institute of Standards and Technology under the Freedom of Information Act, you hereby agree to the following terms:

1. You acknowledge that some of the enclosed records may be protected by copyrights owned by private individuals or organizations, and agree that you will not use any of these records in ways that infringe such copyrights, if any. You may want to obtain legal advice regarding any contemplated further use of these records.

2. You hereby fully and finally release and discharge the persons and entities who released these records or helped release these records (the Releasees), from any and all claims, demands, and liabilities whatsoever of every name and nature, whether past, present or future, including (without limitation) those with respect to copyright infringement, against the Releasees.

3. You acknowledge and agree that the release of these records is 'fair use' under the Copyright Act, 17 USC Section 107, and comparable international common or statutory laws, if any.

If you do not agree to these terms, immediately erase all copies of these records in your possession. By maintaining a copy of any of these records, you confirm your agreement with these Terms of Use.

To find the exact spot you linked from, press your BACK button.


NIST 10 - FDNY Escape (partial)  YouTube

new WTC2 partial

Not much to see, but it was so close I understand why! From the International Center for 9/11 Studies NIST FOIA, release 10, NYC-FDNY\WTCI-28-NYC_Pt1of4.wmv The folder containing this video (NYC-FDNY) has some unique and lengthy video from Ground Zero, in the middle of the pile, and all over it. For instance, see the WTC7 debris pile close up, likely before Sept. 14 (when President Bush visited, which is in a later video).


NIST 10 - WTCI-329-I-#22 (partial)  Clip

new South Tower

Although found in the CNN folder of release 10, this may have been an amateur videographer. The 51-minute long video doesn't capture the North Tower event or the plane crash. The South Tower event is barely seen.


NIST 14 - A&E IR2 clip40 (partial)  YouTube 1 & 2

2 WTC collapse

Footage available in 2002 in the A&E propagandamentary "Anatomy of September 11th," but recently rediscovered. Camera was close to "NIST 14 - Firelinevideo 13" and 4 or 5 other known cameras, one from FOX, one from WABC, and one from WCBS -- the WABC shot being aired most often, across networks. Also see NIST 25 Below, NW - Japanese and a short clip from Building on Ground Zero (2006), which only shows the massive dust cloud.


NIST 14 - ABC Dub 2 03  YouTube


UPDATE 2014: Name changed from "Rare Collapse 42" to match the NIST Cumulus file name - and moved from TV Amateurs to NIST FOIA section. [Was] seen on ABC News Los Angeles here (dead link). Another rare shot of the South Tower "collapse" from a foreign news channel (Brazil) found thanks to researcher/archivist 911allcausticcamera. See also above, Portugal SIC TV. Additionally, Japan news was on the scene. See FNN above, in the section News Cameras.

Raw NIST Cumulus file: ABC Dub 2_03


NIST 14 - ABC Dub6 13, Unknown  YouTube

new South Tower

This and the following NIST-sourced videos are new Sept./Oct. 2010, with the exception of Craig Braden (previously named footagefile). Also, in the Network Views list above, CBS West St. is new.

This partially blue tinted (only in 2 prior sequential NIST clips, not unlike "Brazilian" TV amateur above also found as ABC Dub #2 03, very similar)-- a northern handheld view also similar to FOX/History clip posted here by Xenomorph911WTC. Virtually all of Manhattan was to the North of the WTC, after all.


NIST 14 - CBS-Net Dub5 19  YouTube 1 & 2

new South Tower

UPDATE 2014: New stabilized version. UPDATE 2012: With the release of the new TV archive at, the clip has been found on CBS WSBK Boston on 9/11 at 1:35 pm. Thanks to IranContraScumDid911 for posting on YT. See the full CBS/WSBK broadcast without interruption here at (2nd screen down).

Old YouTube 1 and 2 (links saved in case they are removed from PRIVATE status). The shot aired on the CBS Early Show at unknown time/date (old YT link 1). As the alternate version plays from what appears to be a VCR dub, an eyewitness on the Early Show describes the explosions he heard while escaping (old link 2).

It's anonymous footage -- a handheld camera zooms in, shakes a bit. (See stabilized at link 1 above.) The NE corner flash near floor 91 is obvious. See also FOIA release 25 for high quality mpeg-2, folder 42A0122 - G25D33.


NIST 14 - Cindy Weil  YouTube explosion visible & full tape

South Tower explosion

UPDATE August 2011: Now available for download at the NIST website. Titled "Explosions Visible at South Tower" at the IC911STUDIES YouTube channel. The explosion of which the title speaks can be seen in many other videos, and not only from the north. See the non-televised A. Rosario shot from East, for example.


NIST 14 - CNN Dub4 14 (Unknown Partial)  Updated link 1 & 2

South Tower partial

New partial view shot from a handheld camera. The video shakes (See stabilized video link 1 above). The audio should be examined more closely... it's hard to hear, but obviously loud so close to the scene. See also release 10, file WTCI-329-I-#24.wmv.


NIST 14 - CNN Dub4 35 (Unknown)  YouTube 1 & 2

South Tower West

New WNW shot from a handheld camera. This video also captured the second plane impact, however unsteadily and uncentered. Compare Rick Siegel.

Also see release 10, WTCI-329-I-#4.wmv at vrt 13:05


NIST 14 - Craig Braden (partial)  non-NIST extended

South Tower collapse

UPDATE: Should rename to Craig Braden angle 2 after renaming the view listed above as "FOX/History Unknown" above as Braden angle 1. I'm not sure how he would have operated both cameras, especially during WTC 2, considering both were zooming in and out at the same time. The Braden NIST folder contains two versions of the WTC 1 descent (neither of which is in the quality available in documentary films)-- but only one of the South Tower.

Craig is a professional photographer with a lot of experience. Check out his demo reel on his YouTube channel, craigbraden. The description reads "Radiohead, Baseball, Paul Mccartney, Rolling Stones, Yankees, Human Trafficking, AIDS, Janet Jackson, World Trade Center...." The footage of the South Tower is not included. See the two angles of WTC 1 in his demo reel at 5:10.

Also uploaded to YouTube May 26, 2010 by footagefile (see The extended clip with the "collapse" is the second of two clips (see the first). Sadly, jumpers are seen again and again.


NIST 14 - FDNY Tape1 49  YouTube

new South Tower

The folder name "FDNY WTC Footage Archives Tape #1-Part 1" begs the question, Where's part two? Hopefully we can get this footage lined up for proper viewing by joining the 54 clips. The static camera across the East River was in position to capture the second plane impact, yet that isn't included. How much tape is missing, exactly? UPDATE: Release 10 has this clip, too. NYC-FDNY\WTCI-28-NYC_Pt1of4.wmv at 41:42.


NIST 14 - Firelinevideo 13  link below

new South Tower

YouTube uploads are forbidden by GIW, who manages the licensing. Watch at From the NIST FOIA folder "" or seen in full length at the website at vrt 11:00 (for the link to work you must first click Continue to agree to terms and try again, if necessary). In all versions the collapse initiation is missing. Timers on screen reveal no missing time.

Visit the firelinevideo website to look for the footage, which you can buy for $24.95 VHS or $29.95 DVD, plus shipping (which supports a good cause). Videographers: Joe Scurto, David Spira

F.D.N.Y. "The Battle Continues" WTC 09-11-01
52 minutes.
Fire Line Video's videographers once again bring you to the heart of the action. From after both towers were attacked through both of the tragic collapses, and onto the rescue and recovery operation. It is our intention to provide you, our viewers, with an idea of the conditions that existed on 09-11-01, as seen through the lens of our cameraman. Most of this footage has never been seen before. WTC 09-11-01 has been honored with an Aegis, Communicator, Telly, Omni, and Videographer Awards. 10 awards in total. Available on VHS or DVD

Camera angle is similar to the Don Callopy Field Tape, WABC Below WTC 1 NW and... For more West St. perspectives, see similar angles compiled here.


NIST 14 - Handheld North  YouTube (stabilized)

South Tower handheld

Stabilized, the clip is worth watching, as the building core falls apart. See also WPIX Metrocam, TV amateur Luigi Cazzaniga, non-TV amateur Dean Riviere/Architect/Moussaoui... The NIST Cumulus File is "CBS-Net Dub3 76," but probably not televised. See also FOIA release 25, 42A0120 - G25D31.


NIST 14 - Jim Huibregtse  YouTube

South Tower

The clip was titled "Audible Explosion at South Tower Collapse" with 162,000 views in little more than a month, at the IC911STUDIES YouTube channel (#94 subscribed channel worldwide in Sept. 2010). The sound is heard before movement is seen. With about 2 seconds delay considering the distance, that can be confirmed. However, without a movement and sound connected to prove the audio of the video file isn't delayed, we can't be sure. I am pretty sure the clip didn't air on TV, although the first seconds of his tape were used by National Geographic in 2003 for "Growing up at Ground Zero" - just after the 1st plane hit. See the entire collection of clips (part one) and part two, thanks to researcher TheMKMonarch.


NIST 14 - Matthew Shapoff  YouTube

new South Tower

Static camera, wide shot... and crooked. It's interesting listening to Matthew (I guess) say how it would have been something to capture the plane impact on camera. He did get the two "collapses" on tape.


NIST 14: NY Firefighters Discovery 15 (partial)  Watch

South Tower

Comes from "New York Firefighters: The Brotherhood of 9/11" (Discovery Channel, 2002 - not fully available?). For a new North Tower view see "NY Firefighters Discovery 18" and 6.


NIST 14 - "Pavel Hlavel"  YouTube stabilized 1 and 2.

Hlava WTC 2

The last name should be spelled "Hlava." The man captured the first plane, the second plane, and the first "collapse." For this website's look at the first plane crash, see the Naudet slideshow.

The "collapse" didn't air on TV with the plane crash videos, in Sept. 2003. Too shaky.


NIST 14 - Sorensen #9 (partial)  YouTube 1 & 2 (repeat/comparison)

South Tower

UPDATE: Video now available in full on the NIST website. Titled "Audible Explosion at WTC" at the IC911STUDIES YouTube channel. It is up for debate whether or not there is an explosion sound. One thing is for sure-- the sound of the "collapse" initiation is loud... and people were burned coming out the ground floor at the last minute (see the DiFrancesco story, for example).

This is one of few southern perspectives, however short it may be. See also non-TV amateur Brandon Marcus, NBC Producer C. Martin, and CBS Chopper2.


NIST 14 - Tim Main & Mike Ballou  YouTube

new South Tower

New Sept. 2010. Shot from the eastern bank of the East River just north of the Williamsburgh Bridge. "Collapse" at 3:12 into the clip. Molten metal drips at 2:30. The good thing about (some of) these NIST clips is that they aren't all clipped before and after the major events. Extended length.


NIST 14 - WNBC Dub9_02, Jersey  YouTube

new South Tower

UPDATE: Shot from Kearney/Arlington, New Jersey, apparently by Andrew Foster as the new NIST website says. The plane impact video from this angle has been available since 2002. It first (?) appeared in the NBC News production "America Remembers: 9/11 Air Traffic Controllers," aired 9/11/2002 (and 9/9/2006 with additional material not included in the version available at the mainstream documentaries page). The airplane clip plays at vrt 28:25 and 28:50. Also found in History Channel's hit piece "The 9/11 Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction" - aired Aug. 20, 2007.

Full length tape found in the NIST FOIA release 25 (DVD format): 42A0096 - G25D6 (Clip #1)


NIST 20 - Crane, FBI #3  Watch


Release 20 from the Int'l Center for 9/11 Studies NIST FOIA available at, folder 42A0061. Named when the 2nd plane video was released by in a 2008 FOIA (from which 3 new views of the "UAL175" airplane were gleaned). 352x240 resolution, stable view. South Tower event begins at 1:03:24 in the original file. I doubt the FBI learned anything from the video.


NIST 20 - FBI #4  Watch


Release 20, folder 42A0062. 352x240 resolution, stable view. South Tower event begins at 1:00:34 in the original file. This camera almost caught the 2nd plane impact. North Tower destruction not included.


NIST 20 - FBI #10  Watch


Release 20, folder 42A0064. 352x240 resolution. South Tower event begins at 48:40 in the original file. This camera caught the 2nd plane impact and both collapses... but it was handheld. I doubt the FBI learned anything from the video.


NIST 20 - FBI #12  Watch


Release 20, folder 42A0066. 352x240 resolution. Video blacks out and audio ceases for a couple seconds during the collapse, at 23:39 in the original. Again, I doubt the FBI learned anything from the video. Nevertheless, thanks to 911allcausticcamera for posting and making these more a part of history.


NIST 25 - Below, NW - Japanese  Watch


Found in folder 42A0126 - G25D38 at 40:16 of DVD/joined mpeg-2 VOB files... composed of numerous NBC shots and NBC news (including an extended WTC7 "collapse" MSNBC LIVE high quality version), and some WABC. I'm assuming the woman yelling in Japanese (?) is working with the camera operator. This view is similar to several others, where the media must have been blocked, except for a few.


NIST 25/14 - CBS-Net Dub4 05 (partial)  Watch


In release 25 folder 42A0121 - G25D32 at 2:00, title text at the beginning says "TEED," the camera operator's name (Eric Teed). See the NIST WTC Repository at After some interviews (a woman saw the first plane and a little girl felt her classroom jump when it hit), the clip ends with the camera in position to capture the WTC1 "collapse" from the angle I've titled "BBC Motion Gallery" - a good shot of that event, unlike this WTC2 clip.


NIST 27 - Trinity Church  YouTube 1, 2, & 3


UPDATE August 2011: Available on the NIST website for download. In the FOIA, it comes from folder 42A0239 - G26D114. First discovered by YouTube user TheMKMonarch, an excellent source for viewing much of the NIST FOIA material. As far as the video goes, it was apparently televised on the "PBS Nightly Business Report" as the YouTube title suggests. No audio, though. See clip 2 above for revealing slow motion of the south side explosions.


NIST 42 - FBI #13 (Redacted) YouTube

WTC 2 FBI 13

Added July 2014 although the shot has been publicly available for a few years. See the NIST WTC Repository entry dated May 2010 (at vrt 11:20) filename "611_WTCI_461_I." Thanks for pointing it out at YouTube, 911AllRec. Thanks for the source, MrKoenig1985. As you said:

"Redacted (and messed up) by NIST. Redaction was made on base of FOIA Exemptions (b)(6) and (c)(7), 5 U.S.C. § 552. All two [sic] protect personal privacy. Justified??"

Other than a short second of tape missing during the collapse, I haven't seen all the changes/redacts to name them specifically. We can't be sure if time was cut in the seconds prior to collapse, or even if the WTC 1 collapse from this angle was cut or simply missed.


Michael A. Parker - NW Jersey View  metacafe

Parker Jersey view

UPDATE 2014: Dead video link. Steady wide to medium shot with original audio of conversation. Uploaded to Dec. 31, 2008 by videographer Last Wolf, titled "9/11 Remembered." The 2:24 length video has both "collapses," as seen from beside the Hudson River in New Jersey. The South Tower is perfectly lined up behind the North. Looks like "Vietnam TV" angle listed below.


Penttbom FOIA  YouTube 1 & 2 South Tower

Uploaded to YouTube November 07, 2008 by YouTuber bronco2121, who received 10 DVDs from the FBI on November 3rd, 2008. See for the story on Scott Bingham's FOIA request for 9/11 material. (No relation to Flight 93 passenger Mark Bingham, as far as I know.) Scott operates the website, which tells more of the quest for the missing Pentagon plane impact videos.

NIST 2010/2011 file: WTCI-FBI-#7-606 (click Continue at to agree to terms then re-click this link)


Nicholas Porochnia Jr.  YouTube 1 & 2

nickporjr South Tower

Uploaded to YouTube September 08, 2009 by nickporjr. Titled "out my window in brooklyn 9/11." UPDATE March 2012: Name changed in this list from "nickporjr" (YouTube channel) after finding the video on flickr as a 15-second video clip with audio, from a distance and in a resolution that doesn't allow much detail to be recognized. Nevertheless, thanks for sharing your video. . .


Ben Riesman (NEW Sept. 2011)   Vimeo full & YT, stabilized

molten substance

Uploaded for the 10th anniversary. Probably the best shot of the molten substance running from the 80th floor corner, beneath where [some of] the aircraft engine exploded out from an uninterruptible power supply battery room. (What are the chances the plane would hit the most flammable spot in the whole building?) Shot is similar to Luigi Cazzaniga, but not available in high quality avi... only on Vimeo (link above). Thanks Xeno for the stabilized HD version.


Dean Riviere: Architects' Shot/Moussaoui Exhibit   Youtube 1, 2, & 3

Architects core closeup

Attributed to Dean Riviere in NIST volume 1-6. Watch at here (you must click Continue to agree to terms before the link will work). The clip appeared in: 1. "Why the Towers Fell" by PBS-NOVA, 2002 (which says architects filmed it) and 2. U.S. vs. Moussaoui trial exhibit P200015.

Probably the best shot of the South Tower core before it crumbled. Other shots of the steel-frame core are listed under the WPIX Metrocam shot above. Bonus photos: 5712 and 5711.

Raw NIST FOIA file: NOT in the Cumulus release 14, aside from the Discovery documentary clip "How Towers Fell 14.". It should have been in the SkidmoreOwingsMerrill folder, which at least gives us the information of location: 14 Wall Street. Also, the release 14 Skidmore 1 clip matches the 9:37:04 explosion as seen in WNYW Dub1 35 and CNN Dub17 12. For the collapse footage see release 27, 42A0272 - G26D148 at YouTube link 1 above.


Antonio Rosario (Brooklyn)  YouTube 1, 2, 3, & 4

amatuer WTC2 collapse

UPDATE August 2011: Video available at the NIST website. Update May 2010 - Videographer named at full length version on (Antonio M. Rosario - Great find, Prishep!) I've moved it in this list, from the CameraPlanet section. Televised in HBO's "In Memoriam..." for a moment. Best version in Nat'l Geographic's "Inside 9/11" DVD bonus program "Witness 9/11." Notice that when Nat'l Geog. used the shot in their documentary - not the bonus program - the first seconds with the explosive flash on the NE corner were edited out. Perhaps this is why the clip has been televised rarely. (See also NBC View 3 for more on that.)

Airplane video collectors named the shot "Spiegel TV" for the 2nd airplane impact video from this angle, which was discovered on Spiegel TV (The German version was available for download at, pioneer collector of the plane crash videos.). Spiegel TV was airing a European version of "Why the Towers Fell" (2002) by PBS/NOVA/BBC... which didn't credit Rosario, only CameraPlanet.

Regarding camera location: "Park Tower (the building's name), One Plaza Street, Brooklyn, NY - 53.34 meters tall, 16 floors, 120-foot ground elevation, 40 deg 40 min 31.00 sec N, 73 deg 58 min 17.67 sec W" (Thanks YougeneDebs)


Gulnara Samoilova's gift  YouTube

South Tower collapse

The screen says "Footage given to Gulnara Samoilova." Samoilova took a famous photograph of the leaning South Tower collapse initiation, featured at 1:51 in the June 2018 video from 9/11 Tribute Museum titled "Gulnara Samoilova - I heard the trembling noise, I just lifted my camera."

Thanks to 911AnalysisVideo for uploading this new and rare shot of a few seconds' worth of a spectacular view not unlike WNYW-TV's closest camera, Jack Taliercio.


Etienne Sauret  YouTube

Sauret South Tower

His shot of the South Tower only shows the north facade tilt out of the picture, but the shake afterwards tells a good story. (Note that the Sauret North Tower footage features the earth shaking ~10 seconds BEFORE the "collapse.") The acclaimed Sauret documentary is titled "WTC: The First 24 Hours. Scenes from the film were featured in the famous Naudet documentary "9/11," among many others. The footage of Ground Zero, empty and quiet, is particularly striking. The DVD is really 2 films, one artistically short and one extended.

135. - "Unseen Footage"  YouTube 1 & 2 South Tower

Copyright 2001 by Titled "Unseen Footage from September 11th 2001. Ground Zero" as uploaded 9/19/2006 by YouTube user PA7. A pretty rare shot, but of poor quality, unfortunately. Another low res version from is also online (link 2 above).


SexiRich Mi (NEW 2016)  YouTube

New South Tower video

New, medium resolution shot showing the flash in the corner and finally, the core columns crumble. Added to this list 2017 thanks to a mirror at YouTube by WTCFOIAVideos, even though it's not FOIA, as far as I know. Handheld, mostly wide shot. The WTC 1 descent is only a partial shot of the event, beginning mid "collapse," with camera shake.


Richard Sherwin (NEW 2015)  Vimeo or YouTube

Richard Sherwin WTC 2

Added to this list December 2016 thanks to All911rec at YouTube for finding the longer video(s) including WTC 2. The WTC 1 descent (at vrt at 3:04 here) is only a partial shot of the event, beginning mid "collapse," with camera shake. The WTC 1 shot was first posted in 2012 on Vimeo by Professor Sherwin as part of a film produced by the New York Law School Law Review titled, "Civil Liberties Ten Years After 9/11" Quoting the text description: "The film addresses the impact on civil liberties in the United States of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, DC." This featured only brief views.

In 2015 Sherwin shared the original videos, #3 with the word "edited" in the title, implying the first 2 videos weren't. Some time is spent filming WTC 7 burn, and its cloud aftermath... but he missed the building going down. No initiations for either collapse may seem suspicious, of course. Whatever.

This is a good shot (a few frames) of the core columns mid-collapse, despite the shaking.


Rick Siegel "911 Eyewitness Hoboken"  YouTube 1 & 2

Rick Siegel South Tower

The collapse is mostly obscured by WTC 1. Explosion audio pre-collapse doesn't match with other videos of the event. See also his unique footage of the WTC 7 collapse. Rick once operated, now dead. Also see, where he has sold his lengthy footage on DVD. His documentary video was narrated/produced with investigative research by Dave Shaw.

His WTC 1 collapse footage was used in the popular Truther documentary "9/11 Mysteries," with different audio added, including other explosion sounds and sirens (see video). That prompted a legal battle by Rick, who won the lawsuit against Sofia Shafquat/Avatar LLC. This touched close to home when my YouTube channel got a copyright strike or two, eventually cancelling/deleting my 2 channels with about 1,000 videos, for my uploading "9/11 Mysteries," which was removed by YouTube for a copyright claim by "911 Eye Witness." "9/11 Mysteries" can still be found on YouTube despite Rick's efforts.

Notice in YT link 1 above how the [NYPD] helicopter is accused of somehow starting the demolition because of a flash or reflection off of it. That theory is not supported by most 9/11 truthers.

My investigation/discussion is at pumpitout forum (video links dead). The audio is in question due to deep explosion sounds, as analyzed by (where you can download the Siegel clip). Quoting the audio engineer at

The dramatic nature of the blast sounds which occur in the 4 minutes prior to the collapse certainly raises some puzzling questions. Since other long stretches of unedited pre-collapse footage (with audio) from other angles has not yet been made public, it is not possible for us to hear if other recordings also caught these blasts. In other recordings from closer to the tower, though only short snippets are available, we don't see much of any indication that intense explosions have be registered [sic] by any people in the area.

Certainly this webpage can help address the question of existing video with audio in the minutes before the first "collapse." See also this website's extensive 9/11 TV archive. Why is the video record near the towers so slim during this time period? (UPDATE, post-NIST FOIA from and ic911studies -- the video record isn't slim, is it? Was all the other footage with audio tampered with, or somehow unable to pick up the noise [supposedly] recorded by Rick? Or did Rick add his explosion audio and later use the "9/11 Mysteries" audio switch as a clever disguise for relevant online queries?)


Tragedies (NEW 2019)  YouTube

South Tower collapse

As seen at posted by HG Distribution, posted 6 years ago, a TV program called "Tragedies" Episode 2 on 9/11. The South Tower collapse video clip appears at 16:35 and runs to 17:00, capturing all the event from the north (with audio that has music dubbed over it). The French-speaking documentary description says: "If the attack has shaken the world, it also hit hard many Quebecers. They describe today their destinies whose path changed forever the direction on that fateful day of September 11, 2001. (1 x 60min.)"

Thanks to 911AnalysisVideo for posting the video (YouTube link above) so I would notice it. Lots of new images this year, bringing the WTC 1 page to a total of 200! ... although I didn't add this camera since the view is so short and poor quality.


Truth Rising, Shot from North  Updated link 1, 2, & 3

South Tower collapse

As seen in the Alex Jones/WeAreChange documentary "The 9/11 Chronicles, Part 1: Truth Rising." See the webpage featuring clips from the film and related details. The amateur shot of the South Tower appears after first responder Kevin McPadden's testimony about WTC 7 demolition explosions, seen at link 2 above.

UPDATE 2014: 911allcausticcamera aka All911rec has posted an extended length copy of the amateur footage (link 3 above, available for download at - and once seen at a now-private source at vimeo.).


"Tuesday Morning In September"  YouTube 1 & 2

South Tower collapse

YouTube clip pre-release May 29, 2010. DVD was released 9/11/10. Videographer Jim Kosior has two YouTube channels: TuesdayMorningInSept and Supersynapsis. His movie "Tuesday Morning In September" consists of about 2 hours of lightly edited footage, including the second plane hit and both collapses. An effort is under way to professionally distribute the film.

Early versions of the footage have appeared as an artistic video recording of two TVs playing his original video -- link 1 above. (This was not televised, FYI.) For details or to buy the DVD, see Note that it is not able to play on a computer, in order to prevent copyright infringement.


TV1 Molten Corner Closeup  YouTube 1, 2, & 3


TV1 is German. The program and videographer are unknown. The clip is short, but high quality with a good look at the molten orange crushed from the NE corner where the plane engine exited. Likely file source is, where you will find a download.

This tight view of the full facade allows for a measurement of the rotation of the top portion, in order to calculate the point of axis within the twisting core. See one such study by Achimspok.


Unknown AP 2011 (NEW)  YouTube enhanced

WTC 2 from north

Associated Press posted on YouTube Aug. 2011 "Sept. 11 Survivor Recalls Stairway to Safety." Brian Clark narrates "Boom boom boom. Down it started to come." At 3:16 in the video we see, for the first time ever apparently, this full collapse progression occur in good quality video. Download enhanced avi file thanks to Nathan Flach, at YT link above. Also watch here. Thanks again, Nate.


Unknown NNE - F.I.L.M: WTC Attacks 1 & 2  LiveLeak or YouTube

North Tower

Stock footage apparently no longer available at F.I.L.M. Archives (after a quick search), only at LiveLeak in LOW res (UPDATED with YouTube link thanks to FilmArchivesNYC. The clip begins with footage from the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Then both 9/11 "collapses" are included, but missing the initiations.


Unknown Street Shot, North  YouTube stabilized, or private link

WTC2 Unknown

Source is unknown, found at Uploaded to YouTube by 911allcausticcamera and numbered 77 (link is now unavailable/private on YouTube). Xenomorph911WTC/Nathan Flach has a good stabilized version. If it were a high quality video, the core would be clearly visible. Rare video.


Veoh Anonymous (GldBr) New 2008  YouTube 1, 2, & 3 (slow)

WTC2 anonymous new

Falling steel crushes the Marriott Hotel-- see a rare shot of that aftermath, before the North Tower finished it off. Or check out some analysis of that perimeter section and why that may point to demolition. See that falling section in the highest resolution. I can see a person!

Xenomorph911WTC uploaded this with the title "9/11: Anonymous new release of 3 WTC collapse videos," on December 06, 2008... a month and a week after the videos (not including the South Tower clip) appeared on From Xeno's more info (and similarly at, we read:

An anonymous source has allowed the release of high quality DVD footage of all 3 WTC collapses. The North & South Tower & building 7. The photographer wishes to remain anonymous and audio has not been given permission for public release, so we got the files without sound, in high quality DVD format cut from the source video at the following links. South Tower: (download mpeg-2) North Tower (download mpeg-2) Building 7: (download mpeg-2) (UPDATE 2019: Sorry, links are currently dead.)


Vietnam 2011 TV  source and mirror

Hoboken view

According to source title, TTXVN TV recording was made in Sept. 2011. WTC 2 (and WTC 1 both) new to this list July 2014. Looks similar to amateur Michael Parker above. The zoom on the White House fits nicely. Thanks truyenhinhthongtan.


Steve Vigilante  YouTube

Vigilante WTC2

New August 4, 2010 - uploaded by YouTube user vignyc first with the title "9-11 WTC Attacks," changed Aug. 6 to "9-11 WTC Attacks Original Sound. Steve Vigilante." Quote from his upload:

Some footage I shot on 9-11-01. This is never before seen footage and has never been released. I chose to upload it because I feel it has historical importance. Like many New Yorkers I know some of the people who have passed and I know many people who have lost a loved one. Some of the footage is considered graphic as is some of the language. Unfortunately, this is a day I will never forget. May God Bless those who we lost on that terrible day.

Superb quality footage with clear, loud audio. Steve went to the street and captured the South Tower demolition from the same location used by Jules Naudet to film the 1st plane impact.


David Vogler  YouTube

Running from WTC2

Added here July 2014 when I should have done so earlier. It's listed even though the tape doesn't show the event clearly, during the shaking and obvious running. Find Vogler on YouTube at davidvogler, or elsewhere at, where the documentary "Crystal Morning" is embedded... and several other appearances of his footage are noted. Good, loud audio. One of the first video cameras running on 9/11.

Vogler appears in National Geographic's essential 2005 documentary DVD set "Inside 9/11" in a bonus DVD program titled "Witness 9/11," (event in part 2 at vrt 2:38) with other CameraPlanet Archive videographers (listed above).

Famous shots include the plane engine parts - and the damage they caused - at Church and Murray Streets. (See also Kevin Segalla's clip, listed on 2nd hit missed page.)

NIST FOIA: The Rel. 14 Cumulus files count 35, are each seconds long, total 8 minutes 38 sec. (see clip of event here) and full length 32-minute DVD in Rel. 27, 42A0152 - G26D9 (watch)


James Ronald Whitney  YouTube 1 & 2

WTC collapse

UPDATE 2019: Adding the 911AnalysisVideo HD upload. Thanks for that! [EARLIER] UPDATE: YT Link 1 changed to a joined version of the otherwise disparate clips (Thanks Nate). As seen in his emotional film "Telling Nicholas." After the filmmaker "was forced from his home by the debris cloud that rose from the ash of the falling towers, he contacted the family of a missing woman he saw on a flier. She was the mother of 7-year-old Nicholas. Whitney tells the powerful story of Nicholas, whose father waited 10 days before telling him that his mother is dead." Full, high quality version of the footage (also WTC 1) isn't available, yet.


WTC Morning 1, P. Marino  YouTube

WTC Morning

Added here July 2014. Found at the repository with a lengthy viewing that includes important background audio from the radio, particularly in part 2 at the very beginning:

The tower that I saw came down and crumbled. It was as if it had been blown up. Again, I don't know if it was another bomb...

Titled "WTC Morning" by Patrick Marino. More additions to come...


P.S. Here is a compilation video with 52 South Tower clips. - Since 9 Feb. 2008

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