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Photographs of the Second Plane, 9:02 A.M.

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** NEW 2020 additions from Christopher Bryson, Ray Collins, Eugene Kuziw, Scott Newkirk, Jesse Randall, Thomas Williams, Unknown... **

Sean Adair - Flight 175

(source links to an expired source)

Sean Adair — professional photographer & editor

Check out Sean's web version of his 9/11 photo set: http://www.adairproductions.com/photo/WorldTradeCenter/wtc.htm. UPDATE Sept. 2011: For best quality, see the 10th anniversary photo gallery at The Atlantic. Or see the 6 photo set in one image (source). UPDATE Jan. 2011: High resolution cropped version found by researcher Prishep, however the image is still blue tinted like in Sean's web version. See also digitaljournalist.org here or september11news.com here for more versions.

According to researcher YougeneDebs, the photos were shot from the roof of 35 Waterside Plaza: 40d 44m 16.43s N, 73d 58m 23.05s W. (map)

"Sean started shooting with an SLR and multiple lenses at 14 years old, while travelling through 23 countries with his parents. Currently a freelancer and director of a small production company, who shoots and edits pro film and video, he also works extensively with digital manipulation in still and motion graphics; services all available from www.adairproductions.com. His photographs have been published in newspapers, books, and magazines around the world. With a background in travel stock photography and as an event photographer, his technical sophistication and eye for innovation have led to a body of truly unique photographic artwork."
- chameleonpeople.com

hereisnewyork 2356 - Jane Barrer

Jane Barrer — amateur photographer

Ms. Barrer's photo of "Flight 175" was previously known as hereisnewyork.org #2356, the source for the above picture. UPDATE Jan. 2011: New larger version available. Click photo. The International Center for 9/11 Studies 2010 NIST FOIA has produced more than 4TB worth of data, which is being released over time in more than 30 chunks of various sizes. The hereisnewyork.org photo collection - featuring many larger versions - makes up 911datasets.org release 31.

The photographer was recently identified in History's "The Day the Towers Fell" (part 1) at 5:52 and 11:23. (See the screen capture from high quality source video.)

Point of perspective: "Seems to be from the roof of 253 Elizabeth St; the stepped roof facade of 260 Mott St is visible in the right foreground, in line with the roof of 3WF. 40d 43m 25.20s N, 73d 59m 38.69s W Ground elevation is 42ft; standing on the 5th story roof." (YougeneDebs) - (map)

Flight 175 in distance beyond WTC towers

Doug Blanchard — photographer

Click image to see the enlarged original. The plane is camouflaged by dirt on the scan of the print, but confirmed by a discerning eye. (Thanks to Prishep, who made the enhanced version above and sent it to me.) New to this list September 2011, self-published for the first time on the net in 2008. Source: photographer Doug's blog. Notice the explosion photo.

Doug says the picture was shot from the roof of his building at 256 East 10th Street.

Flight 175 enters the frame

Peter C. Brandt — photographer

NEW 2018. The only version available has the text and arrow. It was posted on a photography forum uglyhedgehog.com, on Sept. 11, 2018. THANKS to All911rec/OacousticS for the tip. To my knowledge only the explosion photos have been published. (washingtonpost.com, mid-day.com, and Getty Images) To quote Mr. Brandt from his posting:

Here are my memories of 9/11 from when I photographed a supposed small plane crash into the WTC towers. I went up to the roof of our building 11 stories on 5th Ave /15th St in Manhattan. After seeing the 2nd aeroplane crash, I went to my local film lab for processing. Upon coming back I went up with more film and saw the 2nd tower collapse. Each series has more frames per insident [sic]. I'm getting goose bumps as I load these shots and tears are coming.
Nikon F4 with 300mm f2.8 and 2x tele extender= 60mm. Exktachrome [sic] 100.

Flight 175 new 2020

Christopher Bryson — photographer (NEW 2020)

UPDATE: Changed photographer name from Diana Franklin upon notice of a different Facebook post. Thanks 911AnalysisVideo for the notification. Added to this list in 2020 thanks to a YouTube post by 911AnalysisVideo. Source is a Sept. 11, 2018 Facebook post. One more image was also posted, showing one tower burning. Both shots were from the same rooftop.

Moshe Bursuker

Moshe Bursuker — photographer (AP photo)

Click the image above to enlarge, or see this zoomed cropped version. Point of perspective: "Near Conselyea at Leonard St in Brooklyn. The two churches are, on the left: the RC at 259 N 5th St; and on the right: 70 Havemeyer St. 40d 42m 53.12s N, 73d 56m 53.24s W. Ground elevation is 29ft; 2.5 story building (sunken 1st floor)." (Thanks, YougeneDebs) - (map)

Kathy Cacicedo

(source, dead)

Kathy Cacicedo — director/producer/still photographer/editor/graphic designer

UPDATE: Full resolution link. Notice the helicopter below and to the left. That's NYPD aviation unit #14, Officers Walsh, Hayes, Gromling, and Maier. Full details on the NYPD aviation photographs and video are studied in detail.

See also Kathy's explosion photo as found on her website kcphotographer.com. Discuss and research in Jeff Hill's forum. Plus, listen to an interview with the photographer. Regarding the point of perspective: "Kathy moved around throughout the day, but her plane pic was from a condo on Chapel Ave in Jersey City, NJ. 40d 41m 10.64 N, 74d 04m 17.12s W. Ground elevation is 3ft." (YougeneDebs)

Kathy holds a BFA in Graphic Design from Syracuse University. She has her own company, BuenaOnda Pictures.

"The photo of the second plane approaching the World Trade Center on September 11 was shot on 400 ASA negative FILM. The FILM was developed on September 11 at the STAR LEDGER- NJ's largest newspaper. It can be seen in the Life Magazine book "One Nation [America Remembers September 11, 2001]" and Time Life's "Year in Pictures" The photos have been published in magazines and newspapers around the world. Der Spiegel, Max, Geo Germany. The Guardian, London Times, England. Paris Match, France. Profil, Austria. Herald Sun, Australia. Sette, Italy. NRC Handelsblad, Holland. US News and World Report, The Star Ledger, Encyclopedia Brittanica. USA." - kcphotographer.com

Robert Clark 1 of 2 plane photos

Robert Clark 2nd WTC plane photo

Robert Clark — professional photographer

See the explosion shot now. The photos were shot from the roof of 475 Kent Ave., according to Clark in a phone interview by Jeff Hill. (EDIT: previously this page said "65 S 11th St, Williamsburg, according to researcher YougeneDebs." Coincidentally, UA175 videographer Chris Hopewell (aka Tinacart) has been pinpointed at the same block (building?). (40d 42m 27.90s N, 73d 58m 00.88s W. Ground elevation is 29ft; 6 story building) Again coincidentally, one of three people to capture the first plane "on film" - Wolfgang Staehle - was located also at 475 Kent Ave.

"Robert Clark is a freelance photographer based in New York City and works with the world's leading magazines and major publishing houses, as well as on cutting edge advertising campaigns.

His work has won numerous international awards, graced the covers of several magazines, including more than a dozen covers of National Geographic and 40 book covers. His work has appeared in numerous publications, including Time, Sports Illustrated, French Geo, Vanity Fair, Stern, Der Spiegel.

Clark witnessed the attack on the World Trade Center from his rooftop in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. His photos captured the second plane hitting the tower and his four picture series was published in magazines around the world. His coverage on September 11th was recognized at the World Press Awards in Amsterdam. He received a National Magazine Award for Best Essay in his National Geographic cover article, 'Was Darwin Wrong?'

Currently involved with a variety of projects, Clark continues his association with National Geographic as well as a book documenting the birth of the science of evolution. He lives in Brooklyn, New York with his wife Lai Ling."
- robertclarkphoto.com

Ray Collins Flight 175
photo sequence: 2., 3., & 4. - (source)

Ray Collins — amateur photographer (NEW 2020)

Posted on Facebook by Ray's friend Paul Roper Sept. 11, 2014 and discovered by 911AnaylysisVideo in Dec. 2019. The quote from Facebook:

Photo by my co-worker Ray Collins from the NPS Staff boat off the Battery. 9:03 - 9:04 AM, Flight 175 hits the South Tower and after.

From the photographer's vantage point in the National Park Service boat, we can almost see the top of Carmen Taylor's (photo below) and Michael Hezarkhani's (2nd plane video) ferry boat at the bottom of the frame. Perspective not yet mapped.

Conover WTC plane photo

Conover WTC plane photo

Cary Conover — photographer

NEW RELEASE, September 2011.

Found at kansas.com, the website of The Wichita Eagle. (See the explosion photo now.)

This image shows United Airlines Flight 175 off in the distance (at left) as it approaches the World Trade Center. The photographer was unaware of the plane as it approached. Soon the plane became hidden from view, only to be seen again in the form of a fireball erupting out of the south tower. Photo by Cary Conover (Photographer's Note: To preserve the rawness of the discovery, the scratches and dust on the film have been intentionally left in place) Sept. 9, 2011

Anthony Cotsifas WTC plane photo

Anthony Cotsifas — professional photographer

Anthony Cotsifas explosion photo Heal-Cotsifas Foto Inc., 601 W. 26th St #1801, New York, New York, 10001.

The plane photo above was found as hereisnewyork.org #6588. UPDATE Jan. 2011: New larger version available. Click photo. The International Center for 9/11 Studies 2010 NIST FOIA has produced more than 4TB worth of data, which is being released over time in more than 30 chunks of various sizes. The hereisnewyork.org photo collection - featuring many larger versions - makes up 911datasets.org release 31.

"Filmed near Washington St at W 14th St; most likely from the top of the Jeffery dept store at 449 W 14th St; in the Meatpacking District of Chelsea. 40d 44m 30.88s N, 74d 00m 25.80s W. Ground elevation is 12ft; 8 story building. The building in the foreground is at Bethune and Washington streets." (YougeneDebs)

The explosion-ejecta image is numbered 6586

Luke Cremin WTC plane photo

Luke Cremin — amateur photographer

"This image just prior to the plane impact with the South tower still, a year later, puts a shiver down my spine. Image taken from Atlantic Basin due South of the site of the WTC."

Contributor's location on 9/11: Brooklyn, New York
Cite as: Luke Cremin, Image #1200, The September 11 Digital Archive, 10 September 2002, http://911digitalarchive.org/images/details/1200 (cached)

Luke Cremin explosion photo "Images during attack taken from Atlantic Basin by construction superviser [sic]."

Cite as: Anonymous, Image #1157, The September 11 Digital Archive, 9 September 2002, http://911digitalarchive.org/images/details/1157 (cached).

The plane pic - according to researcher YougeneDebs - was shot "at the end of Richards St at the docks, I think. 40d 40m 23.06s N, 74d 00m 56.12s W."

Robert A Cumins UAL175 photo

Robert A. Cumins — Professional photographer

Robert Cumins 2nd plane - People cover

UPDATE 2017: Cumins was interviewed Sept. 11, 2014 by Unique Photo on YouTube. Conspiracy theories about fake planes, Cumin notes, can be disproven using his FUJI film negative (not seen). UPDATE 2012: The photographer was interviewed by Tom Franklin (photo "Raising the Flag at Ground Zero") for a 10th anniversary program, "Witness to History: The Photographers of 9/11."

Robert A. Cumins, photographer, Black Star Publishing Co.: "I live in a high-rise on a mountaintop above Upper Montclair, N.J. When I drove to the bottom of the hill, I turned on the radio, and the anchor said, 'Something major is happening at the World Trade Center.' I turned back and went upstairs. The first thing I saw was the skyline and smoke pouring out of the building. I grabbed my camera bag (and ran to) the ninth-floor terrace. I saw this plane coming from south to north. I made a few pictures, and the plane happened to be in them. I made one shot quickly, then all of a sudden I saw a fireball. Everything was in complete silence at this distance. I went inside and turned the TV on. People were screaming that a second plane had hit. I never thought about the plane I had seen. It just wasn't in my mind." - USA Today

UPDATE July 2011: Cumin's set of photos -- including another shot of the plane -- have been discovered at corbisimages.com. Thanks, Prishep for the find.

Read up on Cumins in this article by the Jerusalem Post, where the foldout cover of People Magazine (seen above) was found. Another interesting article at the journalist resource poynterextra.org has this quote:

"It was not until I was at the (photo processing) lab, about to scan the film to CD did I realize the first two images were of the plane approaching and entering the south tower and then the fireball....that I had followed that plane right into the building! Ironically, the photograph was made with a Nikon 500 mm lens bought 8 years ago to the day, September 11, 1993....I would use it on September 13, 1993 to photograph the handshake between Rabin, Arafat and Clinton on the south lawn of the White House. The picture of the hijacked airliner a second away from hell on September 11, 2001 was made from the west of New York City, 18 miles away, while the sun was still in the Eastern sky, thus the silhouette and holocaust view."

For more of the Cumins story, see also Running Toward Danger, a rare 2002 book by the Newseum... seen in part on Google Books. Regarding the point of perspective: "From the south condos on Claridge Drive, off Pompton Ave; between Verona and Montclair; just under 14 miles from the WTC (not 18 miles as claimed by Cumins). 40d 49m 56.67s N, 74d 13m 23.39s W. Ground elevation is 632ft; he says he was 9 stories up." (Thanks, YougeneDebs)

Dastata plane

Dastata — amateur photographer

NEW addition to this list Dec. 2011. Uploaded to smugmug.com by user Dastata, who wrote for a caption: "I had just arrived at the pier and was told that an airoplane [sic] had hit the North Tower. I heard a loud "tearing" noise. Looking thru the viewfinder and Flt. 175 came into focus, I took the picture." Under the explosion photo Dastata wrote: "I was suprized whenthe [sic] plane suddenly turned towards the East River (I was expecting it to go up the Hudson to inspect the incident) I found it in focus and snapped this as it hit the South tower."

Photographer's location: Owl's Head Park in Brooklyn. (Thanks for finding these pictures, Prishep!)

Laura Diez airplane picture

Laura Diez — amateur photographer

Copyright Laura Diez/eStock. Uploaded to webshots.com on September 20, 2001 by user andalusian95 into the Webshots "news" channel in her album titled "on my way to work images by Laura D...." Photo rediscovered Jan. 23, 2010 by researcher/archivist Prishep. Thanks! If anyone has better quality - or additional - photos, please contact me, matt -at- 911conspiracy.tv.


Flight 175 approach

Dr. Harry Dym — photographer

UPDATE 2017: Changed name from "USYeh" to Dr. Harry Dym. Thanks All911rec for giving new source info (flickr), which names the photographer in Newsweek Sept. 2001, "extra edition" according to this cropped source.

Original found at usyeh.com after searching the dead image link at forums.macresource.com ... a post titled "Amazing 9/11/01 Picture" on Nov. 6, 2009:

My friend took this shot on 9/11/01.

As he tells the story, he was in northern Brooklyn the day of the event. He took out his camera and snapped shots after the first tower was hit. He was busy taking extra shots with his Nikon when he saw through the viewfinder that the second tower was on fire/smoking. He saw in the saved image, this picture below. Apparently this shot was published in the center page of Time magazine's special edition regarding 9/11/01.

Really sad to think that those folks in the plane died in about 1 second after the shot.

Note that it was featured in the September 13 special edition of Newsweek magazine, as discovered when searching for the text on a scan of the photo from the pages... confirmed text match here.

Robert J Fisch WTC plane photo

Robert J. Fisch — amateur photographer

"My name is Robert. I was having breakfast at Joe Junior's in the West Village when a crowd starting to form outside. In short order, we learned the World Trade had suffered some catastrophe. After taking a look at the black gash in the facade of the building, I abandoned breakfast and ran to my apartment across the street and grabbed my camera. It was loaded and ready (I'd just gotton back from Florida several days before). I snapped a few pictures and saw the second plane in my viewfinder. I snapped it instinctively. I had no idea it was going to hit the south tower."

Contributor's location on 9/11: New York City (12th street and 6th avenue NOTE from 911conspiracy.tv and perspectivist YougeneDebs: 40d 44m 09.20s N, 73d 59m 52.73s W. Ground elevation is 73ft)
Contributed on: August 3, 2002
Cite as: Robert Fisch, Image #515, The September 11 Digital Archive, 3 August 2002, http://911digitalarchive.org/images/details/515.

Robert Fisch explosion photo with bird "My camera was trained on the towers when the second plane came into view. The picture I took of the airplane should be in the repository. As viewed from the north, the plane appeared to vanish. When the building erupted in flame, I still had this "disconnect" in my mind and at first refused to believe the plane I'd just seen hit the building. After a few seconds when the sound wave reached us, it was fairly clear that was what happend [sic]."

Cite as: Robert Fisch, Image #516, The September 11 Digital Archive, 3 August 2002, http://911digitalarchive.org/images/details/516.

Robert Fisch 2nd explosion photo "After my first shot of the fireball, I was frozen like I was in a trance. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion. When the sound wave reached us (it sounded just like in the movies, only not so loud---then again, I was probably 2 miles away)....it brought me back to reality and I snapped this picture."

Cite as: Robert Fisch, Image #517, The September 11 Digital Archive, 3 August 2002, http://911digitalarchive.org/images/details/517.

Kelly Guenther WTC plane photo 1 Kelly Guenther WTC plane photo 2

Kelly Guenther WTC explosion photo Kelly Guenther WTC plane photo 2 closeup

Kelly Guenther — Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist

Kelly snapped two quick shots of the plane, like Robert Clark. UPDATE 2020: See her full set of photos on YouTube thanks to 911AnalysisVideo. UPDATE March 2011: A high resolution version of her second shot was included in the new 9/11 Memorial interactive timeline. See other closeups of her second photo, or a video with her story from the New York Times, the original publisher. Her domain name www.kellyguenther.com forwards to nycweddingphotographer.com, which tells us "she is a photojournalist who shoots weddings."

Sources for the above photographs include http://www.nytimes.com/packages/html/photo/20011231YIP/pho_YIP_214.html, http://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2002/04/08/national/09puli.1.slideshow_1.html, and for the closeup of plane shot number 2: http://www.fotopolis.pl/index.php?g=23&aktz=7.

Point of perspective: "From Brooklyn.... Likely from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade in front of the building at 2 Montague Terrace. 40d 41m 44.59s N, 73d 59m 53.30s W" (Thanks, YougeneDebs)

hereisnewyork 1230

hereisnewyork.org 1230 — unknown

UPDATE Jan. 2011: New larger version available. Click photo. The International Center for 9/11 Studies 2010 NIST FOIA has produced more than 4TB worth of data, which is being released over time in more than 30 chunks of various sizes. The hereisnewyork.org photo collection - featuring many larger versions - makes up 911datasets.org release 31.

Point of perspective: "About 98 Forsyth St, north of Grand St. 40d 43m 05.71s N, 73d 59m 34.04s W. Ground elevation is 39ft; 5 story building." (Thanks, YougeneDebs)

hereisnewyork 5185

hereisnewyork.org 5185 — unknown

UPDATE Jan. 2011: New larger version available. Click photo. The International Center for 9/11 Studies 2010 NIST FOIA has produced more than 4TB worth of data, which is being released over time in more than 30 chunks of various sizes. The hereisnewyork.org photo collection - featuring many larger versions - makes up 911datasets.org release 31.

Point of perspective: "Possibly from the end of 6th St, east of River St, and near the Gate of Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ. at 40d 44m 34.76s N, 74d 01m 34.61s W. Ground elevation is 51 feet. Map: www.stevens-tech.edu/ses/about_soe/parking_map.html. The street lamps in the foreground line Frank Sinatra Park; even the electrical wires are useful location aids." (Thanks, YougeneDebs)

hereisnewyork 7500

hereisnewyork.org 7500 — unknown

UPDATE Jan. 2011: New larger version available. Click photo. The International Center for 9/11 Studies 2010 NIST FOIA has produced more than 4TB worth of data, which is being released over time in more than 30 chunks of various sizes. The hereisnewyork.org photo collection - featuring many larger versions - makes up 911datasets.org release 31.

Point of perspective: "Taken from Newport, Jersey City, NJ; near the Towers of America gated apartment community on the shore path along the Hudson River. About: 40d 43m 34.48s N, 74d 01m 53.05s W" (Thanks, YougeneDebs)

Rob Howard UAL175 photo

Howard 175 photo

Howard 175 photo

Rob Howard — Freelance photographer

"At Rector Street and Broadway, a photographer leaned out his window with a medium-format camera and caught the moment before the second plane's impact. Photograph by Rob Howard."
- vanityfair.com NOTE from YougeneDebs regarding the point of perspective, confirming Rob Howard's memory: 40d 42m 26.04s N, 74d 00m 42.66s W. Ground elevation is 31 feet.

"Rob Howard was at the window of his apartment on Rector Street and Broadway. A photographer accustomed to shooting travel, lifestyle, and portraiture, with medium and large-format cameras, Howard leaned out over the sill. He shot up at the bold, vaulting lines of the structure with a Pentax 6x7— just as the plane 'flew over our building and slammed into the south tower,' he says. 'It seemed to take forever. Time stood still.' He rendered the moment right before impact in finely detailed black-and-white, as if he were on an architecture shoot."
- David Friend, Watching the World Change: The Stories Behind the Images of 9/11, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York, p. 14.

UPDATE 2020 thanks to 911AnalysisVideo on YouTube we can see a high resolution version! Source is a German website. ... UPDATE 2016 from my Facebook page and linked here in 2017: NEW high res scans (plane [zoom detail] and explosion, with incorrect text timing the impacts at 8:48 and 9:06!), from a full 2-page version in September 11, 2001: A Record of Tragedy, Heroism, and Hope, Harry N. Abrams, Inc., New York, 2001, pp. 12-13. High quality.

NOTE that a 2008 documentary "The 9/11 Hotel" attributed the photo to Christine Sweeting's daughter... in a[nother] blatant error by UK Channel 4.

Joyce plane  Joyce ejecta  Joyce explosion photo

Dan Joyce — Corbis

UPDATE: Hi res (photo of original photo) found on reddit.com. New addition to this webpage January 2010 thanks to researcher Prishep, who found the rare plane photo here. After some searching, two other Joyce photos have been located. Sources for the three seen above: another search at Corbis. Click the 3rd photo to see a larger version from a Picasa web album that happens to contain another NEW find (also from Corbis) by Prishep! See below, Masatomo Kuriya.

One instance of the Dan Joyce plane photo being published was found at revistaescola.abril.com.br.... Click the plane photo above to see it. Regarding the point of perspective, researcher Achimspok has placed Joyce on Frank Sinatra Drive in Hoboken. (See map below for all plane photo perspectives.)

hereisnewyork 1769 cropped

Tammy Klein — Gamma

UPDATE: Photographer named after finding the image in One Nation: America Remembers September 11, 2001 by Life Magazine, 2001, p. 24... where the white paper (I guess) floating above the plane is airbrushed out and the image cropped to cut out the smoke, so the book could simulate a shot of the first plane hit (Frames from the Naudet 1st hit shot are on the opposite page).

Previously named for the source at hereisnewyork.org, photo number 1769. Until Jan. 2011, the small online source image was only 151 pixels wide, and 600 tall including the other 4 images. Now we have a copy that measures 954x3936, in addition to one 201x800. The airplane wing is clearly visible, where once people couldn't tell for sure. (Thanks Prishep, for pointing out the new release and making a download link.)

The International Center for 9/11 Studies 2010 NIST FOIA has produced about 4TB worth of data, which is being released over time in more than 30 chunks of various sizes. The hereisnewyork.org photo collection - featuring many larger versions - makes up 911datasets.org release 31. Find the photo filmstrip in subfolder "SET1."

Point of perspective: TBD

Kratzke WTC plane photo
(source 1 [dead] and source 2 [cached])

William Kratzke — AP Wide World Photos

UPDATE 2020: Full portrait view found non-cropped as International_Center_for_911_Studies_NIST_FOIA\Release_37\. \42A0528 - G38D7\MikeDavisfromCD\CD2\&wtc2.JPG. (link updated)

Thanks also Prishep for your large version (dead now), source unknown... and another high resolution version, however cropped as in most/all published versions, as on framework.latimes.com. Point of perspective: "From the roof at Clinton St and Aitken Pl; SW corner, about: 40d 41m 31.32s N, 73d 59m 37.38s W. Ground elevation is 66 feet." (Thanks, YougeneDebs)

Krav Maga Journey plane photo and explosion

Krav Maga Journey

NEW 2019. No photographer name yet. Posted on Wordpress Sept. 11, 2016 by Kravmagajourney, "September 11, 2001 -- New York: A Remembrance" tells about [much more than] shooting the airplane:

To take a photo you needed an actual camera. Not having one handy, I went down the elevator 19 floors to the city street to the corner convenience store to buy a disposable Kodak one. ...

I made it back up the building in the elevator but went up a few more floors to get a better view. The building we were in was pretty old and had windows that you could actually open. ...

As I held the cheap cardboard and plastic camera to my eye, inexplicably, I saw another plane approaching and heard the mood of everyone around me go quickly from interested to panicked. I spun the prickly wheel of the camera and clicked photo after photo as the second plane came in and hit the South Tower in a huge billow of flame. Although we were too far to hear the explosion we saw the impact clear as day.

Thanks to 911AnalysisVideo on YouTube for finding the blog and zooming in to find the plane! Changing contrast and color, All911rec also zooms in to check it. See below. To search the photo yourself, find the source file (1.53MB jpeg, 5168 x 3299 px) as linked in the blog post. More explosion photos are posted also. The disposable camera is also featured! Thanks to the photographer for sharing.

If you doubt the plane was captured even after reading the quote above, MrKoenig1985 suggests (video comments) we check the smoke pattern: "The shape of the smoke plume above WTC1 on CNN StatCam #1 video seems to match with that photo. See here at 0:13:31 mark."

Krav Maga Journey plane revealed

Masatomo Kuriya plane photo

Masatomo Kuriya — Corbis

Added here January 2010 thanks to researcher Prishep, who discovered it here at Corbis. The source for the above version without the watermark comes from a Picasa web album (now a dead link). See Masatomo Kuriya's full 9/11 collection, although in low quality. In 2011 the photo was featured on the cover of composer Steve Reich's "WTC 9/11" album.

According to perspectivist YougeneDebs, the shot was taken "[f]rom the top portion of the East Hampton Apartments, 30 River Court, Newport Center - Towers of America, Jersey City, NJ. The Emporis Description is here. The plane is about 260 ft shy of impact, by my calculations."

Kuziw Flight 175 photo
(source PDF)

Eugene Kuziw — photographer (NEW 2020)

The 50th image added to this list. Shot from Ellis Island, home of the Statue of Liberty, by a park ranger with the National Park Service. Found by intrepid YouTuber 911AnalysisVideo on page 33 (49 of PDF) of a NPS PDF document by Janet McDonnell titled "Responding to the September 11 Terrorist Attacks." Credit for the photo is found in the last pages. See Kuziw at work inside the crown of Lady Liberty here.

Meanwhile, dozens of employees gathered at the fuel dock, the best spot on the island for viewing Lower Manhattan. They watched a second plane fly in low directly overhead, so low they could see its United Airlines logo. The fact that it was a commercial airliner struck DiPietro as odd. (p. 47 [63 of PDF])

McAllister 9-11 pictures

McAllister WTC plane photo
(plane photo) - (explosion photo)

9-11 McAllister WTC plane photo

Seth McAllister — AFP/Getty Images

UPDATE: Aug. 2013, National Geographic's site natgeotv.com used the explosion photo but flipped the image horizontally for a less-recognizable mirror image (more obvious when not cropped like on the webpage.) I guess they didn't ask Seth for permission.

A larger (but cropped) version is available here. Point of perspective: "Could be from 58th St at 9th Ave; about 40d 46m 08.32 N, 73d 59m 07.61s W. Ground elevation is 82 feet." (YougeneDebs)

Larger images from a picasaweb.google.com search for wtc plane: 1. & 2.

Moreau airplane picture

Fabien Moreau — unknown photographer

New to this list March 22, 2010, thanks to Muzza (in his/her first post at pumpitout forum). About the photographer: it seems Moreau - a virtual unknown - sold his photo(s) to the newspaper USA Today in a one time deal (see pdf or full-size jpg image).

The image was rediscovered at a herald-dispatch.com 9/11 photo gallery, which credited the image to "Gannett News Service, Fabien Moreau/USA Today." Note that Gannett Co. Inc. publishes/owns the USA Today newspaper. Apparently the company owns 83 daily U.S. newspapers, and more than 650 magazines and other non-dailies (according to Google Finance). The only other source for Moreau's airplane image found so far is a usatoday.com graphic, in poor resolution.

Point of perspective: "Seems to be from the roof of 83 Chambers St; the building on the left fore-ground is 86 Chambers St." (Thanks, Debs) Also, 50 Murray St is visible in the lower right mid/foreground... the building impacted by the starboard engine of the plane. See the damage.

Newkirk Flight 175 photo

Scott Newkirk — or unknown photographer

New to this list in 2020, thanks to a video upload by 911AnalysisVideo. Source is a Sept. 10, 2016 Facebook post, which includes Scott's personal thoughts in a short story. He doesn't specifically say he took the photo. (Like Diana Franklin above.) Note that I've cropped out a large white square area once 960x960, which gives the image a personal scrapbook feel.

Nunez airplane picture
(source) - (see explosion photo)

William D. Nuñez — amateur photographer

Bond analyst Will Nuñez had gone to his corner newsstand and bought a $14.99 disposable Kodak, hoping to record the smoking tower out his office window "for history's sake," he says. "I remembered an incident back in the thirties when a plane had hit the Empire State Building, and I was always impressed by photos in encyclopedias." Instead, from his perch on the thirty-second floor of One State Street Plaza, he captured the plane's breathtaking blur out his office window, quite unintentionally. In his shot, a colleague, standing before a vast picture window, looks on in silhouette, next to an innocuous baseball trophy, its tiny batter poised on a two-handled loving cup. The plane had streaked by with such speed, Nuñez had not even realized he had caught it on film until he finally got around to developing the roll a week or two later.
- David Friend, Watching the World Change: The Stories Behind the Images of 9/11, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York, p. 13.

UPDATE 2020: New high quality source brought to YouTube by 911AnalysisVideo, original source possibly Vanity Fair here... or see that high zoom now.

Regarding the photographer's identity, see a list of photographers on the source website hereisnewyork.org, which includes the name Nunez and his photo as number 6236. Point of perspective: 40d 42m 10.75s N, 74d 00m 47.38s W. (YougeneDebs, confirmed in quote above)

Paul-M WTC plane photo

Paul-M — professional photographer

Uploaded to Flickr on Mar 21, 2006: http://www.flickr.com/photos/p-fotos/.... Discovered Aug. 2009 by YouTuber quantumflux432. Quote from Paul's profile:

About Paul-M

Paparazzi to the masses.

I'm Male.

New York City

Paul-M explosion  Paul-M post explosion flyby

Note that "www.p-fotos.com" doesn't return a website. The Internet archive finds nothing for that domain name.

Paul-M's point of view seems to be from the NE corner of the Paine Webber Building, Harbor Blvd, Weehawken, NJ. About: 40d 45m 36.25s N, 74d 01m 22.10s W. Ground elevation is 2 feet. (Thanks, YougeneDebs)

Three choppers are captured in Paul-M's set. Left of the towers is Chopper880 for WCBS-AM radio (also recording video for ABC). One on the right belongs to the NYPD (at least one). Pat Walsh and Tim Hayes, pilots.

Perez 2nd hit airplane picture

Officer "L." Perez — amateur photographer

Perez 9-11 plane photo zoom
No information is found for the photo on hereisnewyork.org, the source linked above. However, a different version (a scan of the print, full version - 3712 x 2416 px) was found at the 9/11 Digital Archive. (link updated 2015) Click the photo at left to enlarge. At the 9/11 Digital Archive, we learn the photo was contributed/uploaded by Dan Perez, the officer/photographer's son.

"Contributor's location on 9/11: I was in school wondering what was going on and if my father was alive.
Contributed on: February 23, 2004

'This image was taken by my father who is a new york city cop in the 84th pcnt in Brooklyn. This picture has been keeping my thoughts on that fateful day alive from then on till [sic] forever more. All gave some and some gave all, Unitied [sic] We Stand!'

Cite as: Dan Perez, Image #2447, The September 11 Digital Archive, 23 February 2004, http://911digitalarchive.org/images/details/2447." (dead link 2015)

NOTE: This photo has for some reason been mistakenly attributed to "Aaorn C. Traub" -- for example, at the 911myths.com UA Flight 175 Crash Evidence page. Regarding the point of perspective: "I think it's from along Grace Ct, NW of Hicks St in Brooklyn Heights. About: 40d 41m 39.02s N, 73d 59m 52.65s W. Ground elevation is about 50 feet." (YougeneDebs)

Randall airplane picture

Jesse Randall — photographer (NEW 2020)

Added to this list in 2020 thanks to 911AnalysisVideo on YouTube, who grabbed a screenshot from a video found on the 9/11 Memorial website, before it was closed behind a login screen this year (found on YouTube here at 17:29 in low res). Thankfully 911AnalysisVideo found another version on Instagram, which names the photographer and sharpens the view of the plane (seen centered above the black building). Shot from Stuyvesant Town, Peter Cooper Village

jnrandall52 - On 9/11/2001, I was on my apt rooftop taking pictures as the events unfolded. In this picture, you can just make out United Airlines flight 175 approaching the south tower of the World Trade Center.
#neverforget #911 #wtc

NOTE: This photo does not show the plane. The speck is too small, and in the wrong place.
That is NYPD aviation unit 14. (See my full helicopter study here.)

Russian Pilot misses plane
photo sequence: 1., 2., 3., 4. (above), 5., & 6. - (source)

Russian Pilot — amateur photographer

We can see this photographer fly across the screen in 3 of the 2nd hit videos! Watch WNYW FOX Chopper5, FOX5 9:09 am ("Marta"), and WPIX Air11. Here's a video explanation of the time difference in the flyby in two of those videos, since Simon Shack thinks it's evidence of "fakery."

Read the pilot's story (told by somebody else) and see the photos (and numerous ads) at englishrussia.com. Here's the story, saved for posterity:

Russian Pilot Making Photos 9/11 Flying Above NYC

Here is a shocking story of Russian pilot, now living in the USA who was on the air 9th September 2001 [sic] and have made photos right from the air when planes crashed the WTC.

He worked at that time as a programmer in one of the dot coms and had some free time which usualy he spent flying Cessna 172SP plane around NYC.

We have this photos today.

Just when he took off he spotted a smoke coming from WTC towers. He was very surprised and headed in that direction: [Photo 1.]

When he approached to George Washington Bridge he tuned to a local 1010 WINS news radio station. He says that at that time there was news that 'a small plane hit WTC.' Then he switched to hear what other pilots flying above Gudson are talking about, but they discussed same thing 'a small commuter that hit WTC.' [Photo 2.]

So little by little he was approaching the Manhattan. He met a few small planes like his Cessna, and pilots were saying something like 'Oh man there is something really bad happened!' [Photo 3.]

He got even more closer and noticed another BOEING 737. He says that the BOEING was flying the same way it usualy does when going to landing from La Guardia destination, probably a little bit lower than usual. [Photo 4.]

And then suddenly this BOEING 737 changes his course making a very sharp curve, targeting the South WTC tower.

He shot it at the moment it hit the building. [Photo 5.]

The author of the photos says he doesn't believe at all that this maneur could be done by some rookie who just graduated from 'Florida Flight School.' According to his opinion it was some very experienced military pilot making his last kamikaze mission. [Photo 6.]

After that he decided to find a place to land but all the places around NYC didn't accept him so he had to fly to NJ and land there.

He hid the camera so that nobody could know he was filming.

Original story on Russian [sic] by MAXHO

See the Loose Change Forums thread where Yuri is named as the photographer. See also Yuri's website (cached), from which come 3 additional photos (1., taken between 3 and 4 [the plane shot, above]; 2., taken between 4 and 5 — BARELY missing the plane; 3., taken between 5 [the explosion shot] and 6). Quoting Yuri's site:

"As I'm flying closer, almost opposite the WTC, right next to the Harborside Center in Jersey City, I see this airliner coming down in a steep bank, my first thought was, WTF is this guy doing!??? Why is he diving so steep to take a look at the fire! And it's an airliner! (looked like a 737 to me at the time). I muttered something along the lines 'Jeez, this guy is gonna get so fired by his airline, it's not even funny!' The next moment.... it hits the building.... I felt like I was inside a cartoon or a movie, maybe that 'Independence Day' flick, at the moment I thought I was seeing things, like this can't be, this isn't real... But I had my camera in hand and snapped virtually a split second later after the impact, I was simply too awestruck when I saw the plane, so it didn't click in me to actually shoot the thing (but if I had a Stinger SAM with me, damn, I wish I did and I would)."

To investigate speeds and distances involved in Yuri's flight, see the study by YougeneDebs. Plus, here are Debs's coordinates for the flying Russian: "High above, near the Hoboken PATH Station 40d 44m 03.67s N, 74d 01m 21.75s W. Altitude of Yury's Cessna is about 750 feet."

Sabla airplane picture cropped

Peter Sabla — Photographer (NEW 2014)

NEW FIND by ALL911rec of pumpitout forum. Originals, apparently, come from areksgallery on Flickr, plainly titled "Photos by Peter Sabla. The download page on Flickr says with some confusion: "All rights reserved by Arek Kwolek."

The point of perspective for the map below is to be determined...

Sharma 911 airplane picture

Kamal Sharma — pro photographer (NEW 2012)

UPDATE 2020: Better quality from "New China" XHNews on Twitter (new source for image above). Also you can read about Sharma's experience on mid-day.com here.

NEW FIND by Prishep of pumpitout forum. Only this small version was published, from the New York Daily News online [edit 2020: The Daily News article omits the photo now. See that image here, for now {cached}... and the explosion photo.]. (A Google images search for "Kamal Sharma 9/11" finds the source image seen above, no longer featured in the article).

The point of perspective for the map below is to be determined... a vantage point similar to Diez, above.

incoming plane past Statue of Liberty
Flight 175 photo 2 at 30 percent

Ski Shields — pro photographer

NEW FIND June 2014. Thanks, All911rec at YouTube.
Photo 1 source. Photo 2 source - (which seems to be a crop of a larger photo that is missing from the set. Learn more about the photographer at lauriegarrett.com, where the photos were found (at another page) in a set of more than 20 shots all taken before the towers collapsed/exploded. FYI, The larger sized originals had urls hidden in the xml site map.

shnool.com 9/11 airplane photo
(source [cached])

shnool.com — Unknown

UPDATE 2020: Fixed links as archive.org is now the only source. Also, 911AnalysisVideo found this image in black and white on a Facebook page here, but it is probably not the source since Scott was in Chelsea.

NEW FIND April 2015. Thanks, ALL911rec. See the explosion photo here. The point of perspective is to be determined.

Exif metadata is found on the photo, a rare treat which adds weight to the image's authenticity. The Olympus camera time was apparently set 10 minutes fast (2001:09:11 09:13:19).

Silverstein airplane picture

Irving Silverstein — Staten Island Advance

NEW FIND July 2011. Thanks, MrKoenig. See the explosion photo here. The point of perspective, according to the source: 40.600273, -74.086728, on "top of the Staten Island Advance building in Grasmere."

Slootweg airplane picture

Peter Slootweg - photographer

"11 September 2001 Andrea Tavares saw with [her] own eyes what was happening to the Big Apple. [She] went up with a friend to the roof of his building , where he saw the second plane approaching the Twin Towers . The first two photos were taken by Peter Slootweg on the day of the attacks . The rest are Andreia Tavares, on the same day, and on September 23, when he visited Ground Zero."
- Google translate version of text from Portugal news website Sic Noticias. Published online Sept. 10, 2006.

NEW FIND Sept. 2014. Thanks, 911allcausticcamera aka All911rec. See the explosion photo here.

Point of perspective, TBD

Sullivan plane

John Sullivan — Unknown photographer

UPDATE: Name change from "ICIS News" to J. Sullivan, after finding the photo set (in various quality levels and sizes, in no particular order) in International Center for 9/11 Studies NIST FOIA release 29 in the folder here: 911datasets.org\International_Center_for_911_Studies_NIST_FOIA\Release_29\Release 29\42A0325 - G29D11\WTCI-412-STB SIPA. The photos came among 29.4GB of other photos and videos. Details in metadata from plane pic: "11 September 2001 - New York - Series of pictures shows the second plane attack on the World Trade Center September 11, 2001. PHOTO CREDIT: John Sullivan / SIPA PRESS."

New addition April 2010 thanks to researcher and archivist Prishep. Sadly the photo has no credits on the source webpage, <http://www.icis.com/Articles/2008/09/11/9155508/insight-us-safer-since-911-but-threat-remains.html>. Bad journalism Joe Kamalick, and/or bad publishing job, ICIS.

Point of perspective: TBD

Carmen Taylor airplane picture
(source) - (click image for NIST version)

Carmen Taylor — amateur photographer

UPDATE 2012: The Arkansas tourist was interviewed by Tom Franklin (photo "Raising the Flag at Ground Zero") for a 10th anniversary program, "Witness to History: The Photographers of 9/11."

Much has been written about this award winning photograph. Interestingly, it appeared in the 9/12 New York Times credited to somebody else - Frank J. DeNicola (Note the online version has no photos just photo credits, but the microfilm version at the library does.) Again, DeNicola is credited at covillephotoartcollection.com.... Read an archived article by David Friend describing Carmen's experience handling the rights issues. Initially, a stranger named Doug Haluza helped Carmen get the images on the Internet to her local Arkansas media friends. Hear a recorded phone interview with Haluza, thanks to Jeff Hill of pumpitout.com. Another interview asks AP journalist Robert Bukaty to help explain the photo he took of Carmen holding her camera— published with two different images on the screen. Suspicious conspiracy theorists point to this AP photoshop job as evidence of media complicity in 9/11.

See the pumpitout forum thread built around Jeff Hill's recorded conversation with Ms. Taylor... and others involved. Another pumpitout thread revolves around communicating with Carmen (heidimarie) yourself.

If you recognize the angle of this photo from a familiar video of the impact, you're thinking of the Hezarkhani/CNN shot. Very close cameras.

Point of perspective: "On board a ferry at Station #4 in Battery Park; about 40d 42m 08.01s N, 74d 01m 00.61s W."

2nd plane

Unknown (NEW 2012) — anonymous

Wow. Image found at dave-hogan.blogspot.com/2012... by OacousticS who contacted me on YouTube (Thanks!). See also his video comparing the angle with a shot from the NIST FOIA release 3 and release 17\42A0050\Unknownphotographer7fromwwwphatmax1net (Image metadata says photo 8 was shot by an Olympus camera at 9:20 am, yet photos 1 through 5 are missing from the folder. Anyway it's doubtfully the same camera considering the population of NYC. See for example Bill Black (release 23), Nikon camera also beside Trinity Church). There is no source info other than the following from Dave's blog:

Is this real?

I have no idea. I was told that this came from a scanned picture taken on 9/11 by someone who sent it to someone who just put a link to it. I cropped it slightly, but I've never seen this angle before. I don't know if it's real, but if it is...


Apparently the only online version of the image is this scan of a digital printout. When I asked Dave about the source, he replied: "As I was told, it was emailed, printed, saved for about 7 years, while the original digital copy was lost, then scanned back in by someone who had printed a copy and mentioned it to me. I asked to see it and asked if they cared if I posted it. All that was cropped was the border of the print out." Thanks, Dave. To report source info, anybody write to matt(a)911conspiracy.tv

To answer the blog's question: Yes, in my opinion it is a real shot from 9/11/2001 at 9:02:59 am EDT. Exact point of perspective: not yet mapped below.

Unknown mosaic 911 WTC

Unknown (NEW 2020) — anonymous

Image found on Facebook in the top center image of a mosaic collage. Discovered in Dec. 2019 and posted on YouTube by 911AnalysisVideo - thanks for another addition to this list. There is no source info other than the 2011 Facebook post by Pamela Slette with the words, "A terrible tragedy we will never forget."

2nd plane

John C. Vanover — amateur photographer

NEW FIND September 2011 at atheistnexus.org, thanks to researcher Prishep at pumpitout forum. Photo posted online by a friend of the photographer.

"By one of my old skating partners, John C. Vanover...he was working on the Jersey side of the river that day. You can see the second plane at the right end of the smoke plume.

It still makes my stomach churn to look at this."

Exact point of perspective not yet determined, so it's not yet added to the map below.

Joe Vazquez airplane photo

Joe Vazquez — amateur photographer

Recently found (2010) source details, thanks to researcher Prishep:

"Photo taken by Joe Vazquez at the Gowanus Gas Turbine site. The first plane has crashed into the south tower. The second plane has targeted the other tower. A lone seagull is perched on a coal mound. Striking contrast!"

Update January 4, 2010: See more photos from Joe. None are better quality, unfortunately. YougeneDebs placed the gravel pile "at the NW end of 25th St in Brooklyn (on the water)" and the camera looking over the Federal Bureau of Prisons building, near "where 2nd Ave would meet 28th St, if those streets went that far." - discussion

Whistler WTC airplane picture

Joseph P. Whistler — amateur photographer

Found at the 9/11 Digital Archive by researcher Alibongo.

United Airlines Flight 175, an instant before impact with the south tower of the World Trade Center. Taken from the park at City Hall, 3 blocks from the Trade Center.
Date Entered: 2002-08-28

Contributor Information:

Name: Joseph P. Whistler
Location: City Hall Park, New York City
Age: 49
Gender: male
Race: White
Occupation: Publishing Management

Point of perspective: "Very near the SW corner of the Manhattan Municipal Building, 1 Center St.; about: 40d 42m 45.73s N, 74d 00m 15.58s W. Ground elevation is 32 feet." (Thanks, YougeneDebs)

Williams Flight 175 photo
(source - see explosion photo)

Thomas Williams — amateur photographer (NEW 2020)

Posted on Facebook Sept. 11, 2011. Found Dec. 2019 by 911AnalysisVideo on YouTube! Thanks to this fine researcher we have several new additions to this list. Quoting from FB:

The picture was my view 10 years ago. I share that moment with co-workers and friends. I will never forget the day. Shared that day with Karen, John, Madeline, Don, Carlos, Rachel, Carl, Marlo,Mark, Jim, Jocelyn and Dave. The second plane is in the picture if you look hard you can see it. God Bless America and our brave American Troops!

The point of perspective, we learn in his explosion photo post on Facebook Sept. 11 2016, was "from the roof of 111 8th Ave, 8th floor parapet."

This incomplete map is nothing compared to the world of 911maps.wordpress.com. Go.

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