CNN LIVE 2nd WTC Attack Slideshow
Chopper880 (NOT NewsCopter7) films Flight 175

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The frames come from the TelevisionArchive at (the original mpeg2 resized from 480x480 to 640x480). Download the 42-minute mpeg2 from my collection since it's not available on anymore.

Frames of Interest (virtually identical in WABC version)
001-011 No Plane The plane has not yet entered the frame.
012-049 Plane Crosses The original interlacing of upper and lower video fields distorts the plane into horizontal lines. The starboard engine creates the illusion of a raised cockpit area.
052-057 Cross-fade Camera angle change begins 6 frames before the blackout/interference. New angle from Brooklyn cross-fades-- not seen in national ABC Good Morning America broadcast.
058-070 Interference As Chopper880 video fades due to studio control, blackout completes after 2 frames of lines fading to black - then 4 frames of black w/ station ID - then 3 more frames of black with spots of WTC - then interference/ghosting/color issue (not seen in ABC Good Morning America broadcast)
085-151 WTC 1 Smoke The tower that was not hit begins to belch smoke. WTC 2 impact becomes apparent... fireball begins.
151+ Return to Chopper Cross-fade back to Chopper880— the explosion.

To see the controversy surrounding this video, go to the WNYW Chopper5 page.


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