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"Saltergate" FOX5 2nd WTC Attack ::: "Flight 175" enters (closeup) on slide 372

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For source history on the footage in this high quality rendering, read the statement from Dr. Ebbetts, collector of the news broadcasts and creator of the DVD "September 11, 2001 - As It Happened - A Composite." See also a second high quality Chopper5 slideshow (not cropped with a black border like Ebbetts) from a different high quality source. UPDATE: Since the Sept./Nov. 2010 releases of 4TB-worth of video and images from the International Center for 9/11 Studies NIST FOIA, more versions of this footage have become available. Release 10 in particular has a clear picture, although frame blended/deinterlaced. See the Chopper5 "nose-out" page for more.

Frames of Interest
001-136 Wide Shot This high quality copy does in fact feature the plane in the wide shot. After the 1st of 3 zoom-ins - during frames 145-154 - the plane is more easily discernible (than it is near the beginning.) See videos concerning this angle of the 2nd WTC attack.
352-371 Miracle Zoom 1 frame after this 3rd zoom-in, the plane enters— a "huge coincidence if the plane is real, a practical necessity for compositing."
372-389 Pre-Impact Analysis by Ace Baker suggests the airplane motion becomes less stable upon stabilizing the video— "impossible for a real plane, typical of video compositing." (I'm not so sure.)
403 Explosion Begins The so-called "nose-out" begins at 404... but at 403 a flash precedes the "nose." According to Ace Baker, the "nose-out" is "impossible if plane is real, quite easily explained as a video composite layer escaping a layer mask." Also where Ace says there is no shadow in the west coast version, there is [a more obvious] one here.
412-13 Fade to Black Solid black, no static from 414-428. Not a signal interruption. Not automatic gain control (see Hardfire to hear Steve Wright's mistaken explanation. Camera operator Kai Simonsen has said he was attaching a 2X lens extender. See to hear Jeff Hill's phone interview. Kai apparently didn't know what happened.

WTC Crash LIVE Chopper5, FOX5 High Quality MP4

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UPDATE 2014: Recently the 9/11 WNYW-TV broadcasts in high quality have mostly been uploaded to - from which I produced an HD version of the plane hit. Then I applied slow motion to show the PLANE IN THE WIDE SHOT in *many* more frames than previous versions. - Since 9 Feb. 2008


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