LIVE Chopper5 High Quality Slideshow, v. 2.0
WNYW LIVE FOX5 2nd WTC Attack ::: Flight 175 14 seconds before impact

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The DVD comes from radioskip(at)aol•com, who transferred his VHS TV recording to DVD. Download the original mpeg-2 - the first 30 minute segment from the day's WNYW broadcast straight from DVD with only the file extension changed from .VOB to .mpg.

Frames of Interest
001-025 No Plane The plane has not yet entered the frame.
037-179 Wide Shot ...where the plane is in full view. Where?
180-416 "Miracle Zoom" The apparent coincidence of a zoom in, after which— in the next frame —the plane appears.
417-440 Plane Crosses The original interlacing of upper and lower video fields distorts the plane into horizontal lines.
449-457+ N. Face Explosion The so-called "nose-out" begins at 450... but a flash precedes it. According to Ace Baker, the "nose-out" is "impossible if plane is real, quite easily explained as a video composite layer escaping a layer mask."
458-475 Fade to Black To and from black, that is. The first and last two frames feature horizontal scan lines, in an apparent fade. Between them is solid black with the TV station graphics and no microwave chopper signal.

To see the controversy surrounding this video, go to the Chopper5 Nose-out page.

WTC Crash LIVE Chopper5, FOX5 HQ FLV

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UPDATE 2014: Recently the 9/11 WNYW-TV broadcasts in high quality have mostly been uploaded to - from which I produced an HD version of the plane hit. Then I applied slow motion to show the PLANE IN THE WIDE SHOT in *many* more frames than previous versions. - Since 9 Feb. 2008


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